Cubs 12, Cardinals 3 (5.24.16)

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OSS: That’s more like it

Three up:

  1. The Cubs jumped on Michael Wacha early, batting around and scoring six runs in the first inning. It feels strange to have gotten used to seeing Cubs pitchers get a PA before they even take the mound. David Ross had the biggest WPA play in the rally, a bases loaded double that drove in two.
  2. Jason Hammel cruised with his big lead, pitching into the eighth inning and allowing just one run, on his final pitch of the night. He also got into the action in the first with a two RsBI double.
  3. Jorge Soler had about as fantastic a night at the plate as you could hope for, going 2-3 with a home run and two walks, one of which also drove in a run.

Three down:

  1. It must be pretty damning to any team thinking of picking up Neil Ramirez that the Cubs DFA’d him over Clayton Richard, who they couldn’t trust with an eleven run lead. Sucks that they had to burn Cahill tonight to ‘close’ out the game.
  2. I don’t care what everyone else here thinks (or possibly what Heyward thinks for that matter), I would have loved if the Cubs had let him rest a few more games. Or even given him starting this game, if they had pulled him after they went up 8-0. He looked okay in the field in the few innings I saw, still not so much at the plate. Why risk reaggravating something?
  3. The Pirates also blew out their opposition today, so the Cubs remain five games ahead.

Next up: Jake Arrieta v Carlos Martinez, 12:45 PM CT start time.

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  1. Josh

    Maybe he said he felt good so they wanted to game test him to see before deciding whether he really was good or to put him on the DL (Heyward I mean).

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  2. Rizzo the Rat

    I wouldn’t say Ramirez was DFA “over” Clayton Richard, since they fill different niches. i.e., bullpens are almost required to have two lefties these days.

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  3. Rizzo the Rat

    Also, I was happy to see Heyward back in the lineup. His MRI was clean, he feels good and his team cleared him to play. Additionally, games against the Cardinals have extra importance.

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