Cubs 10, Pirates 5 (6.19.16)

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OSS: Another day, another top prospect having a great debut.

Three up:

  1. Willson Contreras homered on the first pitch of his MLB career. It was one of many by the Cubs, including a solo shot by Baez in the second, a two run insurance blast by Russell in the eighth, and back to back-ers by Bryzzo.
  2. Kyle Hendricks cruised through his six innings of work, racking up twelve strikeouts with zero walks. That’s a K/BB ratio I can get behind.
  3. Aside from the solo shot, Rizzo had two RBI singles, which made him the WPA leader on the day.

Three down:

  1. Clayton Richard, Justin Grimm, and Adam Warren followed up Hendricks’s great outing by nearly giving the entire lead away. Bleh.
  2. As much fun as it is to watch the Cubs drink the Pirates milkshake, ESPN sure was annoying in marketing this game. You wouldn’t even have had any idea that they were playing the Pirates, just wall-to-wall Cubs in the promos. It’s a problem you love to have, being the best team in baseball, I guess.
  3. I got nothin’ here. The Cubs are good

Next up: The reeling Cardinals head to town for a three game set. Former Cardinal John Lackey faces off with Jaime Garcia at 7:05 PM CT.



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  1. cerulean

    3. ESPN bringing up the Bartman game. If it’s relevant, fine. But to have it queued up as a moment at Wrigley. No. It’s such bullshit. Not because it stings—because it’s tired and lazy. Nobody actually cares about the Bartman game. Let it go, MSM.

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  2. Rice in limbo

    So I was watching Game 7 and following the Cubs online. Loved when Twitter freaked out with Willson’s HR. I turned on the radio after Cavs won and Russell hits one of his own. The Cubs are fun.

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  3. Rizzo the Rat

    I’m surprised how many pitchers are on that list. I wonder if that’s just a fluke, or if there’s some reason, such as pitchers being more likely to swing away on the first pitch.

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