Daily Facepalm/Game Thread 3.11.15

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Back to Back to Back

Brett cooked up some odds on this happening

Even if we generously say each of the three would normally homer in 1 out of 15 plate appearances (that’s a 40-homer pace in 600 plate appearances), the odds that the three would go back-to-back-to-back is 1 in 3,375. There was a 0.0296% chance that it would happen. If you make their individual homer rates a slightly more plausible 1 in 20 plate appearances? The odds drop to 1 in 8,000.

Never tell me the odds!

BP Cubs preview

BP’s podcast put up their Cubs preview yesterday. The hosts and one of the BP prospect guys talked the minors in the first half, and Sahadev and Bruce Miles chatted about the big league club in the second. Was a good listen on my way out of Phoenix.

Russell Carlton on Josh Hamilton and Substance abuse

His piece at Baseball Prospectus is something everyone should read. Or don’t. I can’t tell you what to do. But it’s always nice to read something from someone who actually has worked with mental health and addiction address this issues.

Money in baseball

Just a personal comment here, but I was dying laughing hearing/reading about some of the NFL free agent signings. The NFL basically prints money, and yet a 3/9 deal (with $6m guaranteed) for a mediocre but useful player like Michael Oher got is being panned for being a lot of money when it’s basically pocket change for most MLB clubs. If only the NFL players had a union.

Today’s lineup

  • Fowler CF
  • Rizzo 1B
  • Castro SS
  • Montero C
  • Coghlan LF
  • Olt o/ 3B
  • Sweeney RF
  • Alcantara 2B
  • Baxter DH
  • Lester P

Who the hell is this Mike Baxter guy? I keep mixing him up with Liz Lemon’s made up astronaut boyfriend Mike Dexter from 30 Rock.

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