Cubs sign Manny Ramirez as player/coach

In Facepalm by dmick89

The Cubs have signed Manny Ramirez as player/coach. When I first saw this, I was seriously hoping it was for the MLB team just because it would be funny, but it’s for the Iowa Cubs so there’s really nothing to see. There’s about a 0.08% chance he’ll reach the major leagues.

“We do think at this stage of his life he’s a nice fit as a mentor for some of the young, talented hitters we have in the organization,” Epstein said of Ramirez, a lifetime .312 hitter with 555 home runs in 19 major league seasons.

“Manny will coach full-time and play part-time in a limited role that does not take at-bats away from our prospects. If he shows there is still some magic in his bat, perhaps he will find his way to the major leagues and help another team, but that is not why he is here. We are thrilled that he wants to work with our young hitters and make a difference.”

The Cubs essentially have put their trust in Ramirez to help mentor the likes of Baez, Arismendy Alcantara and Christian Villanueva at Iowa.

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