Cubs 9, Diamondbacks 2 (4/22/14)

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(A note for the reader: I’m home today with a sick little one. She’s asleep, so I’m writing this while watching Season 3: Episode 6 of Breaking Bad (titled: Sunset). There will be spoilers if you haven’t gotten this far).

OSS: Hammel dominated, and Olt finally had a no-doubt home run.

BBA: I like Walter’s new partner, but really what I love more is the music. Very impressive scores in this show.

Three Up

1. Jason Hammel has been perhaps outside of Jose Fernandez the best pitcher in baseball this year. Who knew?

2. A to the Rizzo is clearly the best player on this team. Travis Wood has a claim, and Castro has more talent, but Rizzo is the one guy you can really count on being productive at this point. He only went 1-3, but walked twice

3. Luis Valbuena saw 40 pitches (care of Bleacher Nation), went 2-4 with a walk, and doubled. Darwin Barney sits by phone, waiting for his call to be sent to Detroit.

Three Down

1. John Baker still hasn’t had a hit this season, but he did walk.

2. Walter White sure is screwed, here. Jesse is totally going to flip on him if he gets caught, calling it right now. Hank is still my favorite character in the show, though I don’t know why anymore.

3. Arizona Diamondbacks’ plate discipline. There were no bad Cubs performances. I’ll go to Arizona, who never walked (though Grimm tried his best to give them one).

Next Game

Today, 2:20 CST, Samardzija (Federals)vs. Miley(Packers)

Gus Fring is a pretty great character too. I’m a fan of his.

Who is the guy that’s destroying the RV? I know that actor from somewhere, I’m sure of it.

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