Cubs 3, Cardinals 2 (6.2.17)

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OSS: What strange new world is this?

Three up:

  1. The key play of the game was Anthony Rizzo taking third base on a groundout in the eighth inning to set up the go ahead run on a sac fly from Heyward. His double preceding that helped too I guess.
  2. Heyward also drove in the Cubs second run with a double in the sixth inning, which was the highest WPA play in the game.
  3. John Lackey gave up a leadoff homerun to newly ringed Dexter Fowler, but settled in to pitch seven solid innings.

Three down:

  1. Carl Edwards was shaky af, walking the bases clogged before Pedro Strop struck out Yadier Molina to end the threat, which is something I would not have expected to write.
  2. Jon Jay had the lowest WPA play of the day for the Cubs, grounding into a bases clogged double play in a tie game in the sixth. This was after Maddon had burned nearly his entire bench over the span of two batters. Gotta have those matchups, yo. And John Lackey batting in the eighth.
  3. It was another tough day for the slumping Kyle Schwarber and Addison Russell, who went 0-5 combined with four strikeouts.

Next up:

Jon Lester takes on Mike Leake, who has been off to a bafflingly great start thanks to a .235 BABIP.

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  1. Author


    I haven’t used any since we moved out here, since it’s too cold for fleas to have a foothold up here most of the year. But I do remember using one that came in a pill form that we had to buy from the vet back in the day. I hate the liquid stuff, which we had to use on one of our cats who had a flea allergy when I was growing up. I’ve heard all sorts of bad things about the over the counter stuff.

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  2. Author

    To-day’s base ball squadron

    CF Happ
    3B Bryant
    1B Rizzo
    2B Zobrist
    RF Heyward
    C Contreras
    SS Baez
    P Lester
    LF Schwarber

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  3. dmick89


    I used the pill one a few years ago for my older dog, but it made her throw up so we went back to the liquid stuff. I stuck with that with my new dog. She’s on Frontline Plus (it’s what the vet suggests), but that stuff is expensive. I remember my other dog being on a couple other brands and did some searching around today and they’re both highly recommended by vets and both are cheaper. A lot cheaper. I think I’m going to call the vet and see what she has to say. I don’t mind spending the money if I have to, but if there’s a cheaper alternative that does about the same thing with the same results, I’d obviously much rather use that. I’m just trying to cut some costs lately and figure that might be one area I can. I can’t find any decent foods that I’d want my dog to eat that are cheaper than what I’m currently paying.

    More relevant to this site, I was planning to meet up with an old friend this summer and go to a Cubs game with our kids, but it’s going to be much cheaper to go to a Royals game so that’s we’re going to do now. Also, I figure the Cubs and Royals are about the same. Teams that won a championship and then sucked.

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  4. Author


    From my experience the best way to save money on your pets is to find vet that's older than 40 or so and used to dealing with more than just cats and dogs (or at least, animals that spend way more time outside). GW and I (and anyone else I met with a dog) were always bitching about our vets in Austin being insanely expensive even for routine stuff. One of my dogs gets ear infections 3-4 times a year and I always dreaded taking her to the vet because it would be like $250 for all the tests they would run and the meds etc.

    When she got one after I moved out here out new vet just asked what they gave her last time, then sold it to me for like 60% of the price as what it was in Austin, and just said to come back if it didn't work. She was also much more interested in giving me some really cheap preventative cleaner which has done the trick in combination with the drier weather.

    We had a similar experience with the vet we had for our first dog in Madison, who did eye surgery on our glaucoma suffering dog for way cheaper than the specialist he sent us to to check it out. He was in his 50s, and when we talked to our old family vet back in VA he said that all the young vets have insane medical school bills and the whole vibe of the business is just to charge people a lot more now, and to stick with the older guys if you can find them.

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  5. Author

    berselius, In the minute chance that Ryno sees this, on a related note I will be in Austin next week and wonder if there's anything new he knows to rec around the campus/city since I left here 2.5 years ago. Jeebus does time fly. I am definitely planning to hit Franklins with the German grad student who is visiting Texas for the first time if nothing else.

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  6. cerulean

    So…Bryce Harper wants to be Cub. Let’s say Schwarber becomes who we all think he could become. Corners of #Bryzzo and #Schwarper might be interesting.

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  7. cerulean

    Remember that time when the Cubs sucked and Baez carried them through guts and guile? That feels like a lifetime ago.

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  8. cerulean

    A grand slam to break a streak of forty straight innings without scoring multiple runs—now that’s Cub.

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  9. dmick89

    cerulean: Just 6.2 seconds of hangtime.

    Yeah, and even that looked like a fly out when I watched the video on my phone. Looked like I picked the perfect day to not watch. They didn’t hit the ball worth a shit with the exception of a Wrigley home run that won it. I’ll take it. The Cubs need every win they can get, but I don’t feel as though I missed anything.

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  10. Rizzo the Rat

    It’s one of those ultra-rare Madduxes in which the opponent didn’t get any hits. We need a name for that.

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  11. cerulean

    Honestly, I don’t give a shit about what the Brewers do from here on out. If the Cubs play like we used to think they could, the NL-Central-leading Brewers are not long for this world.

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  12. Rice Cube

    Honestly, I don’t give a shit about what the Brewers do from here on out. If the Cubs play like we used to think they could, theNL-Central-leading Brewers are not long for this world.

    So it was written.
    So it shall be done.

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