WTF – March 22, 2013 – Wrigley Renovations, the Cubs Roster, and For Some Reason, Chone Figgins

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Today on our Wrigley Talk Friday podcast, Adam, Julie and I discussed the Wrigley renovation saga as both Tom Tunney and the Cubs posture in the media, while Cubs fans kvetch over the potential loss of the manual scoreboard. We looked at the final roster and the few players remaining as possibilities, got sad, and successfully let Jesse Rogers troll us by bringing up Chone Figgins.  When does the season start?

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    @ dmick89:
    THis made me think of beeotch, which every once in awhile makes me giggle just thinking about it. And when I googled ‘punk beeotch’, the following image was in the first ten results. I kid you not, beeotch.

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