Whoever Had June 13 on the Kerry Wood DL Pool is a Winner

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It turns out Quade’s bullpen was even thinner than people (translation: I) realized when Zambrano was left hung out to dry in Philadelphia the other night. ┬áIt seems that Kerry Wood’s blister problems have resurfaced and he has been put on the 15 Day DL.

Per Bruce Levine:

Wood, who is 1-3 with a 3.25 ERA in 24 games this season, has had to deal with blister problems before in his career. On Sunday, he tried to warm up in the bullpen but had to stop pitching due to the blister. Wood said he has dealt with the problem off and on for about a month.

He managed to stay healthy throughout the entire NBA season and almost made it to the end of the NHL season. He outlasted 60% of the starting rotation, three of eight Opening Day starters, and most of the bench before finally succumbing.

We expect him to only miss a few weeks of next years Spring Training camp.

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