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A year ago today we joined together to start Obstructed View. We could write about our individual thoughts over the last year, but a blog is a community. We've published over 730 articles and there have been more than 85,000 comments left on them. Your participation makes this much more enjoyable for us. So thanks and we hope you keep coming back. Tell your friends and neighbors too.

We have (actually, And Counting) put together a pretty cool image to mark our very special anniversary. We think it sums things up pretty well.

We're also introducing the Obstructed View Forum. It will soon be linked to on the menu and there will be a module on the sidebar with the latest forum posts. We have forums for the Cubs, baseball in general, football, basketball, other sports, entertainment and other topics.

We hope you use it. If you do, post a link in the comments so people can see it more quickly. There's a lot of activity in the comments and we're not discouraging you from using the comments in the same way you have. We just thought this could add something to the site that was worth trying out.

When we set up this site we installed a chat room and have used that for some of the roundtables we've done. We're going to open that chat room up to be used from time to time during games. We need the traffic on the blog. It helps pay the bills, but we're thinking we could have a weekly chat during a game. Not sure which day or if it will be a specific day each week, but it's something we're planning to do.

Also, there will soon be another contest on Obstructed View. The idea for it belongs to commenter GW so thank him for the riches that one of you will soon have. The contest will include all the players we've posted projections for and you'll vote whether or not you think they beat their projection or fall short of it. Therefore, the winner won't be known until after the season. Although we have yet to think of a prize, we've agreed its range in value will be between a free subscription to Obstructed View and a brand new twenty dollar bill.

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