2012 Cubs Catching Defense

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One of the things I noticed this season with Welington Castillo was that about any time he had an opportunity to make an error, he did. I'm not being serious of course, but it was pretty bad. Only 6 catchers made more errors than Castillo and he only caught 413.2 innings. It also seemed he allowed a lot of passed …

Hoyer: we will have financial flexibility

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“We will have financial flexibility,” Hoyer said. “We’ve been diligent to make sure we do have flexibility and we’re efficient going forward. We’ll obviously be active in the free agent market. That’s a big part of our research and work now is evaluating free agents. We have some money to spend and we’ll focus on it heavily.” – Jed Hoyer …

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A 2013 Cubs Contender, Part 2

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About 10 days ago we looked at what the Cubs have in terms of guaranteed contracts and we also signed Ryan Dempster and Matt Garza to long-term extensions. Since it's been 10 days I'll post the most relevant information here and we can move forward. Our roster We already have $54.3 million committed, but only the following players under contract …

Welcome Back, Welington?

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So here we all were, basking in the glory of defeating Roy Halladay and minding our own business, and suddenly the Cubs Twitterverse is abuzz about a tweet.  The tweet causing the commotion is from Enrique Rojas: #Cubs call up catcher Wellington Castillo, agent said. — Enrique Rojas/ESPN (@Enrique_Rojas1) April 28, 2012 Of course, nobody on the Cubs beat has …

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Minor League Update 4-6-12

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I'd like to make this a daily feature here at Obstructed View, but have you looked at the minor league rosters? I'd suggest you avoid doing so if you haven't looked already. I'm not going to tell you about the game. Who cares if the Daytona Cubs won? I'm not even sure they do. Maybe there are a few fans …