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When to evaluate a trade

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Evaluating trades becomes a topic of interest as each trade is made. Before the trade we're analyzing the rumors of what teams would be giving up and getting in return. Some people are content to make baseless claims about the quality of the trade when it happens, during the contracts and after it happens. Some are content to look at …

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Cubs more likely to trade Ryan Dempster if they extend Matt Garza?

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Cubs right-hander Ryan Dempster, an obvious trade candidate, would be even more likely to be moved if the team signed righty Matt Garza to a contract extension. – Ken Rosenthal Does anybody understand this? I don't see what extending Garza has to do with whether or not the Cubs try to trade Ryan Dempster. Matt Garza is under club control …

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Ryan Dempster’s Trade Value

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Ryan Dempster is owed $14 million in the final year of his contract. He’s a 10 and 5 player so he could decline a trade. Many think he would because of his daughter, but Brett on Bleacher Nation says he may be willing to waive it for the right deal. Before I even get into any numbers, I want to …

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Does Carlos Marmol have any trade value?

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Since the Cubs are set to rebuild we may as well start taking a look at some of the players the Cubs might try to move in the next several weeks. Obviously Matt Garza has a lot of value. Sean Marshall was probably next on the list, but his value was limited. Off the top of my head I don’t …