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Cubs Officially Won’t Lose Them All

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What have we learned so far in the two games the Cubs have played?  Not a ton, but there are some things about how the games have gone so far that stuck out to me. 1) Scoring runs is going to be an ordeal more often than we’d like. The Cubs have scored four earned runs in two games and …

Obstructed View Opening Day Roundtable – part 1

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Your fearless Obstructed View Executive Chairmen got together to discuss various topics related to the 2011 Cubs season. Here’s part one of our roundtable, that focuses on the offseason and specific players/figures. Part 2 will focus on our predictions for the 2011 season. Mike Quade [mb21] : Should we start with Quade?[aisle 424] : Sounds as good as anything.[berselius] : …