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Kris Bryant is good at sports

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A little over 3 years ago the Cubs drafted Kris Bryant with the 2nd pick of the 2013 First Year Player Draft*.┬áHe was considered either the top prospect or close enough to the top that few teams, if any, would have passed on him given the chance to take him that high. It was somewhat surprising to see the Houston …

Starlin Castro and 200 hits in season

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Starlin Castro sits at 192 hits entering today’s games. There are 13 games remaining this season and there seems a good chance he ends up with 200 hits. That’s a big number and one that is often talked about. If you get 200 hits, you supposedly are a great hitter. Certainly, at Castro’s age, doing it is quite impressive, but …

Aramis Ramirez and "performing when it counts"

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The Cubs and Aramis Ramirez have a mutal option for 2011 at $16 million, but it’s unlikely he exercises that option. Ramirez is looking for more than a one-year deal and as the best free agent 3rd baseman he’ll easily get a multi-year deal on the free agent market. It’s hard to say whether or not the Cubs will offer …

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Measuring Heart: A Scale of 1 to Santo

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Executive Chairperson-in-Chief via Proxy cum Laude slash Editor’s note: I offered the chance to pick a post topic in exchange for American Idol results. Emily came through for me and picked the topic “Santo!” I found it to be a perfectly timed suggestion. Thanks, Emily, for not forcing me to compromise my already discredited journablogistic integrity. I’ve heard it said …