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Projecting the 2012 Cubs: Ryan Dempster

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We haven't looked at any of the pitcher projections yet, so we might as well start with the longest tenured starter on the squad. Last year, Dempster looked utterly awful in the first month of the season. He had some terrible BABIP and HR luck but was generally being hit hard. However, after his first 6-8 starts or so he …

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70-win 2012 Cubs

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On RLYW, SG ran the code to create his own Marcel projections since Tangotiger has yet to publish them. He then simulated the season and the Cubs finish 5th in the NL Central, 4 games ahead of the Astros. The forecast has the Reds winning the division with 89 wins, which is tied for second in the NL with the …

Cubs to sign Doug Davis

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The Cubs are reportedly close to signing Doug Davis to a minor league deal. Davis has been considerably better throughout his career than most people realize. Baseball Reference uses Rally’s WAR calculation and has him at nearly 22 rWAR. Fangraphs has him at 23.5 fWAR. Last season he threw only 38.1 innings in the big leagues for the Brewers. He …