Series Preview: Brewers (1-5) at Cubs (2-4)

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The Cubs open their first homestand against a team that is in even worse shape than they are. The Brewers are already missing first basemen Corey Hart and Mat Gamel due to injuries suffered before the season, and in the past week 3B Aramis Ramirez, LF Ryan Braun, and SS Jean Segura have all been banged up. None of the injuries …

Kyle Lohse on the arbitration process

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MLBTR ran a great feature today about the arbitration process. It was kind of cool getting the perspective of the player (Kyle Lohse). It would also be nice to get a perspective from a GM. Hopefully they'll do that. “It’s not a pleasant thing,” Lohse said. “It’s hard to sit there and listen to the lawyer say how bad you …

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Short Series Preview for a Short Series:

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The Cardinals are good. The Cubs are not. Here's a look at the matchups for this quick series in St. Louis Monday: Ryan Dempster, RHP (1.02, 2.16, 2.80, 3.83) vs Jake Westbrook, RHP (1.76, 2.79, 3.20, 4.00), 6:05 PM CT This is a matchup of pitchers who have gotten off to fantastic starts to the year. You have to give …

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Batman-abbreviated Series Preview: Iowa Cubs of Chicago (42-63) at St. Louis Cardinals (55-50)

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I was going to write a longer preview, but I got sucked into this whole “Batman Equation” thing that was running around the internets today     I tried reproducing the result, but the plotting software did not like the equation very much (laughing). In my mathematiciany opinion, the Batman logo probably does solve the equation….but it’s not the only …

Series Preview: Iowa Cubs (23-31) at St. Louis Cardinals (33-24)

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Team overview Team stats and NL ranks Cubs Cardinals wOBA .323 (5th) .344 (1st) UBR -7.3 (16th) -1.7 (12th) UZR -12.1 (14th) 6.9 (4th) SP FIP 4.07 (11th) 3.74 (4th) RP FIP 4.08 (16th) 3.78 (11th) I’m too lazy to breakdown the individual player stats. Blame the Cubs shittiness (laughing). I’ll hit the highlights. “RF” Lance Berkman is still hitting …