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Anthony Rizzo vs left-handed pitching

In Commentary And Analysis by dmick89

Let me start by saying that this post is not the least bit inspired by Anthony Rizzo's 3 strikeouts in 6 plate appearances vs lefties this season. It's 6 plate appearances. That's it. This is something I've been meaning to write since the 2012 season ended and I'm just finally getting around to it. We all know Anthony Rizzo had …

Series Preview: Chicago Cubs (19-38) at Minnesota Twins (22-34)

In Series Previews by berselius

The Cubs will face one of their main rivals for the #1 pick in the draft. Since 424's been on vacation I'll post a mini reverse standings to see how things are currently shaking out Team L-W GB San Diego 39-19 — Chi Cubs 38-19 0.5 Minnesota 34-22 4 Seattle 33-26 6.5 Oakland 32-26 7 Things have separated a bit …