2013 MLB Draft: Live Thread- Day 3- With Updates

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Coverage Can’t promise that I’ll be around for the entire conference call for day 3 of the 2013 mlb draft, but I’ll try to update this thread with all the Cubs’ picks for posterity. Today encompasses everything from round 11 onwards, and the picks will happen at a fast and furious pace. Depending on how much money the Cubs think they …

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2012 MLB Draft Notes

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It wasn't that long ago when you couldn't find much coverage of the MLB Draft. I remember a few years ago how easy it was to navigate through Google to find exactly the information you're trying to find. It's not like that anymore. Everybody covers the draft. Searching Google for specific info results in far too many hits to be …

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Should managers be allowed to use the sacrifice bunt?

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Before you read any further, please take the poll below. I'm curious what the responses are on this site. Tangotiger set up a poll yesterday asking whether people would rather live with the status quo of the sac bunt or do away with it all together. I was quite surprised to see that 65% had voted zero tolerance (stop it …

Carlos Pena ——> TB, Sandwich Round Pick ———-> Cubs

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According to CBS's Jon Heyman, Carlos Pena signed a 1-year, $7.25m deal with Tampa Bay today. Since Pena was a Type B free agent and declined the arbitration offer from the Cubs, the Cubs get a free sandwich round pick in this year's draft. In retrospect it's puzzling that Pena declined arbitration. He was paid $10m last year (though $5m …

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Cubs sign 6 of 7 arbitration eligible players

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The Cubs had 7 players who were arbitration eligible and on the day that teams and players must exchange arbitration figures, the Cubs signed all but Matt Garza. The Cubs’ six other arbitration-eligible players all agreed to one-year deals. DeWitt, who batted .265 in 121 games last season, will make $1.1 million in 2012, while Baker, who batted .269 in …

Winter Meetings Day 2 Open Thread ***UPDATED***

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Carlos Zambrano is convinced he’ll remain a Cub next year. DALLAS — Carlos Zambrano has told friends that after meeting with Cubs President Theo Epstein a few weeks ago in Chicago, he’s convinced he will be able to remain a Cub in 2012. “All the things he wanted to see gone are now gone,” said one friend, referring to former …

What the Cubs have to consider at the Winter Meetings

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We haven’t talked a lot about what the Cubs need to do this offseason. When the season ended they were without a GM so it made no sense. After they hired Theo and he assembled his front office it was difficult to know which direction the Cubs may go. There have been indications they’re willing to trade anybody and everybody, …