So John Henry Walks Into a Radio Station…

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Apparently the Boston radio duo of Felger and Massarotti were doing their show on 98.5 FM when they got word that Boston owner, John Henry had come into the station and wanted to come on the radio to address “misinformation” that they had been spreading during this whole post-collapse implosion.

It is a surreal interview that involves some refreshing candor, blatant double-talk, tangential references to LeBron James, a statement that he never wanted Carl Crawford, and a morbid fascination with what would happen to the Red Sox if Henry were to suddenly die.

Some tidbits that more directly affect the Cubs and/or his feelings on Theo are:

  • “I think the chaos that’s going on is much more external than internal. The Red Sox aren’t in ashes. That’s not how we feel about it.”
  • “I would have loved for Theo Epstein to be our GM for the next 20 years. … I did everything I could personally to make that happen.”
  • “I think free agency in general is difficult. I don’t think it’s just us.” 
  • “The problem with free agency is you’re buying players usually at the age of 30 or above. You know players peak at about that time, so it’s fraught with peril.” 
  • “We can really make some money if we didn’t [sign free agents], but we try to do everything we can to win.” 
  • “We do have to do better in free agency. It’s not easy to do.”

He also denied that Theo was gone and danced around whether Theo had spoken with “another team,” but then later said it was a sad day to have to say goodbye to two such good baseball guys (meaning Theo and Francona).

The full interview can be heard here.  It is fascinating.

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  1. Berselius

    I wish this was on when I drove in this morning, rather than long segments (on both 98.5 and WEEI) making fun of occupy Boston. Godammit, Boston sports radio, I listen to you for outlandish statements about the Sox/Pats, not that shit.

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