Series Preview: Chicago Cubs (38-37) at Washington Nationals (45-30)

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The Cubs are in the middle of a brutal scheduling stretch that has just three home games in a span of three weeks. At least the Nationals are only the penultimate team during this stretch, rather than the capper. Who the hell schedules back to back four game road series like this? Good job, good effort, MLB. Though it's not like the Cubs prospects would look so good going into this even if they had a week off beforehand.

Team Leaders



Pretty much the only bad thing you can say about this team is that their bullpen has been a dumpster fire.

Pitching Matchups

K%, BB%, ERA, projected ERA listed for each starter.

Monday: Eddie Butler, RHP (15.1, 12.7, 4.19, 5.00) vs Gio Gonzalez, LHP (22.3%, 10.2%, 2.96, 4.18), 6:05 PM CT

Tuesday: Jake Arrieta, RHP (24.7%, 6.9%, 4.36, 3.25) vs Max Scherzer, RHP (35.3%, 5.8%, 2.09, 2.97), 6:05 PM CT

Jake is obviously not the same guy that he was when he won the CYA, but this should be a really fun matchup. Hopefully he can keep the Nats in the yard.

Wednesday: John Lackey, RHP (21.5%, 7.4%, 4.74, 4.05) vs Stephen Strasburg, RHP (27.5%, 6.8%, 3.57, 3.25), 6:05 PM CT

This matchup is somewhat less fun. Lackey has been much better over his last few starts but he's still at risk for a neck injury from watching so many balls leave the yard.

Thursday: Jon Lester, LHP (24.4%, 7.6%, 3.83, 3.28) vs Joe Ross, RHP (20.8%, 4.8%, 5.40, 3.98), 3:05 PM CT

Ross seems like he belongs on the this year's Cubs pitching staff – his peripherals are all pretty good, he's just giving up twice as many home runs as he used to.


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  1. SK

    It’s pissing me off that the Cubs don’t seem to have any games against the Brewers for several weeks (except for a single makeup game). For some reason, this is the series I really want to watch .

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  2. Edwin

    I’m still making my way through the 2003 season. It’s getting really good, I can’t wait for the season finale!

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