Reds 1, Cubs 0 (4.2.18)

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TSS*: Sometimes you have to tip your cap to a great opponent with a great pitching staff. Other times, your cap falls off because you facepalm so hard.

Three up

  1. At least this wasn't an extra inning game.
  2. Justin Wilson had a scoreless, two strikeout inning.
  3. The Cubs struck out Joey Votto twice, which should be something like 10% of his season total.

Three down

  1. Tyler Chatwood had an extremely Tyler Chatwood start, walking six but getting a zillion ground balls and allowing a single run.
  2. Said run was a RBI groundout following a Eugenio Suarez triple that was greatly aided by some awful defense by Ian Happ. He had a lousy day all around in CF today.
  3. At least he was the 'best' Cubs hitter at the plate – he was the only starting position player with a positive WPA on the day. I thought Rizzo would have taken the negative WPA crown easily following his inning ending bases clogged strikeout down one in the eighth, but his early HBP put him 'ahead' of Willson Contreras, who earned that honor.

Next up: Jon Lester vs Cody Reed at 5:40 PM CT, assuming this game doesn't get washed out. DeRosa knows the bullpen could use an extra day of rest.




*h/t to cerulean

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  1. Edwin

    I really don’t like watching Chatwood pitch. He seems to be frustratingly effective. He’s probably the type of pitcher where every time he goes out I feel like he probably should have given up 2-3 more runs than he actually ends up letting up.

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  2. Smokestack Lightning

    dmick89: Hard to win when you score fewer than two runs in more than half your games.

    Just think of it as the offense is already in postseason form.

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  3. Tyrone


    Pham says he called Gary LaRocque, the Cardinals’ farm director, and demanded his release. “I said, ‘You know what, I’m the best mother—— on this team, and you guys don’t even know it,’” he recalls.

    Good for him. So many people look down on those who prioritize being parents. And I like how he paused for effect.

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  4. Author

    To-day’s base ball squadron

    Zobrist (LF)

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