Rant Sports: The Chicago Cubs Continue To Prove They’re a Joke In Failed Anibal Sanchez Signing

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If blogs could be designated for assignment, Rant Sports, along with Bleacher Report, would have been DFA'd a long time ago. They're not even replacement level blogs worthy of the minimal amount of attention, but here we are: paying attention to them because there isn't anything else to write about. So why not make fun of the less intelligent among us? I don't have an answer so let's get to it.

The Chicago Cubs Continue To Prove They’re a Joke In Failed Anibal Sanchez Signing

There are many reasons the Chicago Cubs are a joke, but the failed Anibal Sanchez signing isn't one of them. It's frustrating for sure, but at the end of the day it would have been a questionable contract anyway so it's pretty easy to move on.

Not long after news broke that the Cubs “signed” Sanchez, reports surfaced that it wasn’t a done deal and the Detroit Tigers were still in the running. Of course Sanchez ended up signing with the Tigers for 80 million instead of the reported 5 years 75 million the Cubs had “signed” him for. What a joke of a franchise.

It happens. While I agree things like this have happened far too much over the past 6 months, it does happen. It could be that this front office is terrible at keeping things under wraps or it could just be a fluke. I don't have any idea which it is, but I am certain of this: if the front office is terrible at keeping things secret, it will in in no way whatsoever impact the talent on the club now or in the future. I struggle to understand how something that has no impact can make the Cubs a joke of an organization. That's like saying a right fielder is a joke of a player because he wasn't charging the ball on a routine pop fly to 3rd base.

Theo Epstein was brought in to fix, build, and turn this franchise around. So far, he’s been at the front of THREE botched signings/trades. What do I mean by botched?

Well, the definition of botch is the following according to my google machine:

1. To ruin through clumsiness.
2. To make or perform clumsily; bungle.
3. To repair or mend clumsily.


1. A ruined or defective piece of work: "I have made a miserable botch of this description" (Nathaniel Hawthorne).
2. A hodgepodge.

I'm going to take a stab in the dark and say you mean that. Just a guess.

His staff leaking TWO completed trades before they were official, and now Sanchez. Dempster was traded to Atlanta….oops. Carlos Marmol was traded for Dan Haren….my bad….Anibal Sanchez signs with the Cubs….eek.

Let's say they did leak it. It didn't affect the outcome. Dempster declined to accept a trade to Atlanta. He didn't really want to go there and since he had no-trade rights, it was entirely his decision. The Cubs backed out on Dan Haren because of injury issues and rightly so. Haren only signed a 1-year deal as a free agent and was let go by the Angels. As for Sanchez, the Cubs estimated his value at around $75 million and reportedly offered as much as $77.5 million to get the deal done. Seeing as they estimated his value at that, they were reluctant to go over that because, you know, they didn't value him for more than that.

None of these are bad decisions by the Cubs. Not a single one of them and anyone who argues otherwise is fucking stupid.

Are you kidding me Cubs?

No, they're not kidding you. They're running a business and don't much give a shit what you think. Sorry about that.

What kind of Mickey Mouse organization are you running over there?

A bad one that hopes to improve. There's an article to be written about this and the possible cons of such of a plan, but it's not one that will ever appear on a below replacement level blog like Rant Sports.

Here’s a thought

Oh goody. Rant Sports Thoughts.

keep your mouths shut until the ink is dry. How many times is that going to happen? Once, okay…but THREE times? Wow.

Oh, I was thinking it was actually going to be the first thought ever on Rant Sports. I was wrong.

Once again, the Cubs show that they’re a complete joke of an organization.

But not because of this. It's difficult to understand.

The good news in all this?

That Rant Sports will continue to entertain us?

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