Race to the Top: Winning Games, Losing Ground

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The Cubs lost 3 and won 4 games since the last time we checked in, so while this doesn't really qualify as a winning trend, it didn't really help the Cubs in their quest for as high a draft pick as possible:

Race to top - 9-2-13

Houston has kept a strong grip on the overall #1 pick, and gained some help when their top offensive threat, catcher Jason Castro, sprained a knee. A second consecutive top draft choice looks very promising for the Astros.

The Cubs briefly held the #3 pick, but a combination of winning a series against the Philadelphia Rynos and the White Sox losing 4 straight has actually caused the Cubs to lose a game in the Draft standings to the White Sox, falling a 1.5 games pack of the third pick. The Cubs also lost a game and a half in the race for the overall top and sit at 13 games back.  Any hopes of the Cubs adding Carlos Rodon to their pitching staff are pretty much dead.

Meanwhile the Padres and Mariners are now in a position for a protected pick, while the Angels and Blue Jays recent competency have dropped them out of the Top 10 picks for now. But there's still a long way to go.

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    Also, the Cubs need to go 5-20 or better to avoid 100 losses. A series against Miami SHOULD make that difficult to achieve, but the Cubs may be up to it. Let’s see what happens.

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