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Series Preview: Reds (5-1) @ Cubs (5-1)

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The Cubs went 5-1 on their season-opening road trip, and now come home to face the surprisingly potent Cincinnati Reds. The Reds' offseason was basically notable for who they weren't able to unload (Brandon Phillips, Jay Bruce, and Joey Votto). They did unload Todd Frazier, but they would have loved for all three to get out of town. Instead, Phillips …

NLCS: Cubs and Mets Series Preview Part 2 + Game Thread

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Part one dealt with the pitchers. This part will focus on the position players, primarily the Mets, though I'll come back around to look at some splits and stuff for the Cubs batters at the end. I'll rank the likely position players in decreasing wOBA: OF Yoenis Cespedes (.287/.337/.604, .394): The Mets picked up Cespedes at the trade deadline, and …

Series Preview: Chicago Cubs (97-65) vs St. Louis Cardinals (100-62)

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Welp, here we go. Time to see how much devil magic is left.  Position player team leaders Cubs  R+RBI: Rizzo (195) CERA: Ross (2.68) H: Rizzo (163) HR: Rizzo (31) OBP: Rizzo (.387) SLG: Rizzo (.512) wOBA: Rizzo (.384) BSR: Bryant (7.1) Defense: Russell (17.1) Helmet Rubs: Herrera fWAR: Bryant (6.5) Cardinals R+RBI: Carpenter (185) CERA: Molina (2.80) H: Heyward …

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Series Preview: Pittsburgh Pirates (17-18) vs Chicago Cubs (19-15)

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The Pirates are coming off a split with their cross-state ‘rivals’, and if you had asked me four days ago which of these NL Central-NL East four game sets was going to be a sweep, I would have bet heavily on the Pirates. But that’s baseball. A lot of their position players have been underperforming this year, including last year’s …