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OV Podcast Episode 16: A soupçon of podcast

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We are back! Sort of. We squeezed this short podcast in last weekend, and true to the OV brand I messed up my audio setup and missed the first 5-10 minutes of it. In this episode, Jeff (berselius), David (sitrick2), and Myles (Myles) discuss Dexter Fowler, sleeper agent? Comments on the roster turnover, or lack thereof How many games will …

OV Podcast 15

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In this episode, Jeff, Myles, and David discuss The recent Pirates series The Cubs are really good The Barves are really bad Lack of concern about Heyward Soler not making adjustments Addison Russell's amazing season Jeff is still not warming up to John Lackey A fun subtraction game This episode was recorded just before Sinday's Pirates game. Listen. Or don't. …

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OV Podcast 14

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In this episode, David, Jeff, and Myles discuss: The impact of the Kyle Schwarber injury Whether David Ross has any bodies in his garage Players who surprised us this week, one way or another General grumbling about Zobrist and praise for Starlin Castro Impressions of Chase Field Comparisons with 2008 Listen and enjoy. Or don't. I can't tell you what …

OV Podcast 13: The season is upon us

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In this super-sized episode, Jeff, Myles, and David discuss: Jeff still has no internet up in his *Spanish word for holler*. Also no gold prospectors. Food that is deliciously horrible for you Spring Training is finally over, thank DeRosa Vegas, baby Jeff whines about Mountain Goats The Cubs music ouevre Division and wild card predictions What players we think have the …

Obstructed View Podcast: Episode 12

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In this episode berselius and Myles (and eventually Sitrick) discuss Spring training is too damn long. Spring training roster battles, or relative lack thereof. An over/under on how many innings Bryant will play CF. Big Ten basketball woes. Players feuding with their front offices, including the White Sox clusterfuck. Brake pumping wrt the bullpen. Listen and enjoy. Or don't. I …

OV Podcast 11

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The Obstructed View Podcast has returned! In between multiple connection and technical difficulties, Sitrick, Myles, and Berselius discuss mostly offseasons transactions, including: Dexter Fowler's return and Chris Coghlan's departure The Zobrist and Lackey deals, and Starlin's Departure #donttradebaez Jason Heyward's insta-fit with the Club Too Many Long Relievers Various minor league deals Matt Murton's arm hair Enjoy! Or don't. I can't …

Obstructed View Podcast #10 – Playoff edition

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In this episode: Berselius manages to forgot to record the first 15 minutes of the conversation and we scramble to re-cover everything. Arrieta v Lester in game 1. Watching NLDS games in bars. Cubs + Mets pitching matchups. Wishing the Dodgers had beaten the Mets. A little too much getting ahead of ourselves. Enjoy. Or Don't. I can't tell you …

OV Podcast no. 9

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In this episode: Wild Card lineup discussion. 2008 vs 2009 vs 2015. Favorite moments of the season. Unrecommended weight loss plans. Sitrick can't have nice things happen to him. Wild Card game predictions Great gif reminicsences Enjoy. Or don't. I can't tell you what to do.

Return of the OV Podcast

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The Obstructed View Podcast returns with an all new episode, only 20 weeks or so late.  Coming to you from the officially official Obstructed View Recording Studio*, Berselius and Sitrick discuss: Crazy predictions that we made fun of that turned out to be true. Wide-eyed disbelief at how good this team has been. Kris Bryant's rookie season vs. other notable debuts. Career HBP leaders. …

Obstructed View Podcast 7

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In this episode Any reassessments of team expectations, and grumbling that the Kool-Aid is back among some fans. Quick Cubs bullpen discussion The Cubs adventures on the basepaths We take a look at the minor leagues We play ‘where are they now’ with some former minor league prospects. Reader question – who has the most exciting PAs in baseball, both …