Obstructed View Podcast Episode 1

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After much emailing and only one failed attempt, we now have a blog podcast! Sitrick, Myles, and I discuss things such as

  • Kris Bryant
  • How tired we are about talking about Kris Bryant
  • The fifth starter spot
  • Players flying under the radar
  • Players flying over the radar
  • Too Many Shortstops
  • Pokemon

There were a few blips in the connection while we recorded this, most of which I was able to edit around, but there's still some choppiness in a few spots. Our podcast editing skills are about as professional as the rest of this site.

We're working on getting this up and running in iTunes, and will provide more info when it is there.

You listened to every word.

Fantasy Baseball note

If you expressed interest in OV Fantasy Baseball last month (or are just seeing this now), here's a link to join. Laziness is the main theme of this league, with weekly roster locks/transactions and no bench spots (but plenty of DL).

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