Pirates @ Cubs Game Thread

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Time: 7:05 PM CT



Josh Harrison, 2B
Josh Bell, 1B
Andrew McCutchen, CF
Gregory Polanco, RF
Starling Marte, LF
David Freese, 3B
Francisco Cervelli, C
Jordy Mercer, SS
Steven Brault, P

Cubs logo

Dexter Fowler, CF
Kris Bryant, 3B
Anthony Rizzo, 1B
Ben Zobrist, 2B
Jorge Soler, LF
Jason Heyward, RF
Willson Contreras, C
Javier Baez, SS
Jake Arrieta, P

Will the Cubs win? No, but it could go either way.

538 Forecast: 65% chance of winning

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  1. Author

    Rizzo the Rat,

    Yeah, I think that’s what they challenged, but they should have challenged Contreras blocking the lane. I didn’t see it clearly enough, but it was fairly obvious Jake wasn’t. I think they had a better shot of getting it overturned.

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  2. Author

    If Arrieta did in the postseason what he did last year, nobody is going to think too much about it. Only reason it was even a story was because of how awesome Jake had been. I’m pretty sure Lester is used to pitching deep into October.

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  3. Rice Cube

    I am going to regret staying up for this game. Because I have work in 6 hours and will go to game 2 tonight. Yes, tonight, because it’s fucking Tuesday.

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  4. SK

    “Pitchers were gassed” does not appear to be just a narrative, unless the pitchers themselves decided to buy into it.

    Arrieta says he was gassed, and looked it. Hammel was complete shit and vowed to embark on a much more intense off season training program.

    Joe has always (I mean since I’ve been watching him, two seasons) emphasized rest throughout the whole season and it seems to help. Nobody minds when the manager decides to give an SP an extra day or even skip a turn once in awhile. He could have done that all September without using the words “6-man rotation” and no one would say anything.

    Is there a chance Montgomery or Cahill might be better than Hammel? I wouldn’t mind finding out. I know the playoffs won’t require 5 starters let alone 6, but if there’s any injury (or Lackey doesn’t come back as planned) there is a chance to figure this shit out now.

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