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Cubs set World Series Roster

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The Cubs have set their World Series roster and Kyle Schwarber is on it. Whether or not that’s a good idea, it’s fantastic news for Schwarber and the Cubs future. I personally don’t mind it. Rob Z. was left off the roster and that’s a good trade off in my opinion. Schwarber won’t get enough plate appearances to know whether …

The Series: A Positon Players Preview

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Holy shit. It’s here. Let’s get straight to it. Catcher This is the first area where the advantage clearly rests with the Cubs. Yan Gomes has been a good player up until 2016, but in 2016 he was Heyward-esque. He was replaced by Roberto Perez, who also had a nice 2015 and an abysmal 2016. The Cubs have a Cerberus …

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Cubs 5, Dodgers 0 (NLCS Game 6)

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FTWS: Three+ up: Kyle Hendricks was absolutely amazing tonight, allowing just two hits and striking out six in 7.1 innings. There were just two baserunners in the first seven innings, a leadoff single on the first pitch of the game that got wiped out by a slick double play turned by Baez, and an error by Baez was wiped away …

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NLCS Game 6: Dodgers @ Cubs Game Thread

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Time: 7:00 PM CT TV: FS1 Series Preview Gameday LINEUPS (91-71, 2-3) Andrew Toles, LF Corey Seager, SS Justin Turner, 3B Adrian Gonzalez, 1B Josh Reddick, RF Joc Pederson, CF Yasmani Grandal, C Chase Utley, 2B Clayton Kershaw, P Kershaw Stats 149 IP 10.39 K/9 0.66 BB/9 1.69 ERA 1.80 FIP 2.28 xFIP (103-58, 3-2) Dexter Fowler, CF Kris Bryant, 3B Anthony Rizzo, 1B Ben Zobrist, …

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Cubs 8, Dodgers 4 (NLCS Game 5)

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OSS: Three+ up: Addison Russell provided the biggest hit of the game, a no-doubter two run shot in the sixth inning to put the Cubs up 3-1, driving in who else but Javier Baez. Russell also added a single in the ninth and hustled his way into a leadoff ROE as the Cubs tacked on five insurance runs in the …

NLCS Game 5: Cubs @ Dodgers Game Thread

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Time: 19:08 CT (har har MLB) TV: FS1 Series Preview Gameday Thread LINEUPS (projected) (103-58, 2-2) Dexter Fowler, CF Kris Bryant, 3B Anthony Rizzo, 1B Ben Zobrist, LF Javier Baez, 2B Jason Heyward, RF Addison Russell, SS David Ross, C Jon Lester, P Lester Stats 202.2 IP 8.75 K/9 2.31 BB/9 2.44 ERA 3.41 FIP 3.47 xFIP (91-71, 2-2) Kike Hernandez, 2B Justin …

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Cubs 10, Dodgers 2 (NLCS Game 4)

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OSS: Back in business. Three+ up: Anthony Rizzo and Addison Russell were the most prominently struggling players on the offense going into this game, but their bats woke up in a big way tonight. Russell took Julio Urias deep in the fourth for a two run shot, and Rizzo hit a solo shot in the fifth. Both were making good …

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NLCS Game 4: Cubs @ Dodgers Game Thread

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Time: 7:00 PM CT TV: FS1 Series Preview Gameday LINEUPS (103-58, 1-2) Juan Pierre, CF Kris Bryant, 3B Micah Hoffpauir, 1B Tom Goodwin, LF Javier Baez, 2B Willson Contreras, C Jose Macias, RF Neifi Perez, SS John Lackey, P Lackey Stats 188.1 IP 8.60 K/9 2.53 BB/9 3.35 ERA 3.81 FIP 3.80 xFIP (91-71, 2-1) Chase Utley, 2B Corey Seager, SS Justin Turner, 3B …

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Dodgers 6, Cubs 0 (NLCS Game 3)

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OSS: Well, that sucked. Three up: The Cubs meat grinder got going early, sending seven batters to the plate against a clearly out-of-sorts Rich Hill in the second inning. He was over 40 pitches by the end of it plus half a hundred pickoff throws on noted base purloiner Anthony Rizzo, and the Cubs felt on schedule to do some …