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OV Podcast episode 20

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In this episode, Jeff and Myles discuss: Revised win total predictions for the Cubs Which struggling players we are more and less worried about Should Jaby Baez eat into Russell's playing time? How long can Ian Happ keep this up First inning runs – hilarious or frustrating? Guessing the lineup on this day in 2012, including the most comical 3-4 …

Cubs 5, Giants 4 (5.24.17)

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OSS: Rizzo hits two homers into the wind and the Cubs hang on to win Three up: Rizzo was the easy WPA leader in this game, hitting two game-tying solo shots in the first and fourth innings and added a single and IBB in his other two PAs. It's nice to see him finally heating up, and his season line …

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Cubs 7, Reds 5 (5.17.17)

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TSS: Cubs get some hits with runners in scoring position? What sorcery is this? Three up: On a day when the wind was howling out, the Cubs scored seven runs without a home run. Coomer claimed it was 45 mph winds but I'm guessing that was jsut gusts. The biggest hit of the day was Kyle Schwarber's two-run single that …

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Cubs 9, Reds 5 (5.16.17)

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OSS: There's nothing like Bronson Arroyo and the wind blowing out at Wrigley to wake up an offense. Three up: The Cubs 'only' hit four home runs in this game, but somehow it felt like there were a lot more. Of all of them, Kyle Schwarber's bomb into the back rows of the RF bleachers was the most impressive, and …

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Cubs 3, Cardinals 2 (5.12.17)

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OSS: Eddie Butler exceeds expectations in his debut Three up: Butler threw six innings of shutout ball. Things were rocky early, as Butler walked two batters in the first and was racking up a large pitch count early in the game, possibly due to adrenaline jitters, but he settled down as the game went on. I'm a little baffled at …