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11 Scandalous Predictions for the 2011 Cubs

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By scandalous, of course I mean stupid. Earlier in the offseason I made 103 predictions that won’t happen in 2011. That was pure nonsense whereas this is pure speculation. Huge difference. Some of these could actually come true. And they’re not all optimistic. 11. Brett Jackson will see the majors by June. I don’t know why. I only added this at …

Quade realizes the Cubs have no speed, backs off aggressive baserunning talk

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It’s nice to see the team back off from another dumb policy. At the beginning of spring training (and IIRC the offseason) Quade said that the Cubs were going to be more aggressive on the basepaths. Via the hobbit: “I almost feel like we’re forcing something that we shouldn’t,” Quade said. “It goes against everything (I believe) — ‘We’re going …

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Getting to Know: Andrew Cashner

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Name: Andrew Cashner  Position: Starting Pitcher Bats/Throws: Right/Right Opening Day age: 24 Uniform Number:  48 Does he celebrate on September 11th every year?: Well, it IS his birthday, so I would imagine so.  Wouldn’t you? Where Does He Rank Among National League Fifth Starters?: 9th The good news is that Beyond the Box Score has him rated above every other …

NL Central Questions & Answers: Houston Astros

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Prior to the start of the season we’re going to be previeing the other NL Central teams in two ways. First, Berselius will post the team’s projections for 2011 and then later in the day we’re going to post an interview with one of the team’s bloggers. Today’s Q&A is with Timothy DeBlock of Crawfish Boxes. Obstructed View: There are …

Mike Quade Has Tiger Blood. Hooray?

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There are two basic schools of thought about Mike Quade’s recent comments on Carlos Silva: 1) Mike Quade is the greatest, toughest, smartest son of a gun in baseball; 2) Mike Quade is a verbose, no good, sucker-punching fool. There is no in between. Of course there is still only one school of thought on Carlos Silva: he’s fat ugly, …

NL Central preview: Houston Astros

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Last Year: The Astros started off the year with eight straight losses, and were sitting at 17 games below .500 at the all-star break. However, they turned things around somewhat in the second half of the season, going 40-33 despite trading co-faces of the franchise Lance Berkman and Roy Oswalt at the trade deadline. Much like the Pirates the Astros …

The Stats We Use: wOBA

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Several people on Another Cubs Blog had asked us to write something that explained some of the stats that we often reference in articles and comments. It was always something that I wanted to do, but never got around to it. Since several have asked before and now that we’ve created a new blog with Tim and Adam, it seems …

2011 Playing Time Projections

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Each of the last few years Tangotiger has put together a survey for people to enter in their projected playing time for each player. It’s a valuable tool and one that doesn’t take much time to fill out. Pick your favorite team (mostly the Cubs around here I assume) and start predicting how much you think each player will play. …

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Ten Myths About Obstructed View Debunked

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Since the announcement of the repeat of the end of sports history and the dawn of a newly discredited day, I’ve heard a lot of nasty rumors about what Obstructed View will be like. Mostly it’s a bunch of lies and obvious misrepresentations, so I just want to clear the air right off the bat. If you’re going to fom …

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Raised Expectations

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Well… here we are.  After all the hype building up to the site’s debut today, I can’t help but wonder if people will walk away with the same sense of disappointment felt by the folks who initially buy into the Cubs’ “It’s a Way of Life” campaign after watching the Cubs’ attempts to hit the ball, catch the ball, or …