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5 Cubs Trends Sure to End

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The Cubs are five games into the 2011 season, so naturally we know everything we need to know about this team. But for anyone who thinks the sample size isn’t quite large enough to draw conclusions, I just want to correct a few lies the opening weekend may have told us. For the record, I wrote this before today’s game, …

Diamondbacks @ Cubs

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The projections below are from the 2011 ZiPS spreadsheet. I’m using last year’s bullpen numbers. Diamondbacks wOBA wRC Cubs wOBA wRC Willie Bloomquist .296 .409 Kosuke Fukudome .343 .602 Dan Johnson .349 .612 Starlin Castro .332 .545 Justin Upton .381 .731 Marlon Byrd .338 .564 Miguel Montero .339 .553 Aramis Ramirez .350 .594 Chris Young .339 .536 Tyler Colvin .318 …

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Kevin Millar Can Die in a Fire

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I happened to be driving in the car when Kevin Millar went on the Waddle and Silvy Show on ESPN 1000 so I heard this live and I was pissed as hell I wasn’t able to transcribe any of it because I was screaming at my radio by the end of it.  Thankfully, Paul Sullivan took the trouble of doing …

The Stats We Use: Baserunning

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Believe it or not, baserunning is a relatively simple aspect of the game to quantify. If you think for a moment about the possibilities in baserunning, there aren’t really that many of them. There are several of course, but it’s not as many as you may think. For example, a runner on 1st when a single is hit can move …

Random Thoughts

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Three games doesn’t tell us anything, but they were three predictable games. The offense struggled, which they’re going to do all season long. That’s especially true against right-handed pitchers. The defense let the team down late in Sunday’s game. Rather than a tie, a defensive mistake allowed the Pirates to take the lead. The pitching staff was solid, which they …

The Stats We Use: FIP

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Evaluating pitchers is tough. Most of the traditonal batting stats are based on discrete, context-free events that mostly have to do with the offensive player’s skill – Home Runs, hits, stolen bases, batting eye, etc. There are still stats like RBI and R that depend on the players around the batter, but generally the quick and dirty thing that were …

Pitcher Usage

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The table below shows the number of pitches thrown in each outing.  SUN MON TUE WED THU FRI SAT Ryan Dempster 103 Carlos Zambrano 85   Matt Garza 102 114 Randy Wells* Casey Coleman 90 Andrew Cashner* Carlos Marmol 24  17 Sean Marshall 24  25 Kerry Wood 16   James Russell 74   John Grabow 23 11 21 Jeff Samardzija …

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Cubs Officially Won’t Lose Them All

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What have we learned so far in the two games the Cubs have played?  Not a ton, but there are some things about how the games have gone so far that stuck out to me. 1) Scoring runs is going to be an ordeal more often than we’d like. The Cubs have scored four earned runs in two games and …

Ten Things I Shouldn’t Have to Tell Cubs Fans (But I Do)

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I had the pleasure of seeing the Cubs on Opening Day yesterday along with Julie and Deb of Aerys Sports and Ana from Accidentally Sexy, and a lot of cool people* willing to get soaked and chilled in order to show us a good time. But along the way I came into contact with more than a few Cubs fans who, apparently, haven’t …