Chicago Cubs @ Arizona Diamondbacks (and Fish @ Melons, Pies @ Cucumbers, Cheesecakes @ Butternut Squash Soup)

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GamedayB-Ref Preview Cubs wOBA wRC RS Diamondbacks wOBA wRC RS Kosuke Fukudome .343 .57 -.06 Chris Young .339 .56 .00 Darwin Barney .293 .38 .03 Kelly Johnson .360 .62 -.01 Starlin Castro .332 .51 -.03 Justin Upton .381 .68 .03 Aramis Ramirez .350 .55 -.03 Stephen Drew .341 .52 -.01 Jeff Baker .312 .41 -.01 Miguel Montero .339 .50 -.01 …

Carlos Pena sits vs righty

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The Cubs wagered $10 million that Carlos Pena would return to 2009 form while playing in Wrigley Field, but after going 0-for-4 on Thursday, he’s out of the lienup for the third time in six games Friday. Unlike the previous times he sat, this time it’s happening against a right-hander, Arizona’s Armando Galarraga to be specific. — NBC Sports Pena …

Cubs Insult Their Best Hot Dog Buying Customers

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Carrie Muskat had a brief entry in her blog about some promotions the Cubs have come up with, including some deals for the bleacher bums: Beginning May 10, all Tuesday home games will feature Bud Light or Budweiser products at specific concessions stands in the bleachers for $3. Starting May 11, fans sitting in the Bud Light Bleachers for …

Royal Wedding Thread

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Prince William and Catherine Middleton are getting married in about four and a half hours from the time of this post. You can watch it here with all your closest fellow royal wedding fans. This is a safe, welcoming place to enjoy it all. Savor every moment. Right here, with, us.

Top Ten Highlights of the Cubs Game Tonight

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10. Ryan Dempster getting his one out of the evening. 9. Koyie Hill hitting a homerun. 8. Al Yellon and Buster Olney arguing on Twitter over whether Justin Berg hit Justin Upton on purpose.  7. No killer tornadoes hit the stadium. 6. The NFL Draft, NBA playoffs, and Michael Scott’s farewell provided some distraction. 5. A long, lingering shot of …

Chicago Cubs @ Arizona Diamondbacks

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Gameday Cubs wOBA wRC RS Diamondbacks wOBA wRC RS Kosuke Fukudome .343 .56 -.06 Chris Young .339 .55 .00 Starlin Castro .332 .51 -.03 Kelly Johnson .360 .61 -.01 Jeff Baker .312 .42 -.01 Justin Upton .381 .67 .03 Aramis Ramirez .350 .54 -.03 Stephen Drew .341 .51 -.01 Carlos Pena .378 .62 -.01 Miguel Montero .339 .49 -.01 Marlon …

Want some free crap from the Cubs?

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Just trying this out with mb21’s blessing… For some of you who know me, I help my friend run a page on Facebook for Cubs fans.  In one of the legendary James Russell’s starts, it was Tyler Colvin bobblehead doll night and I got an extra couple bobbleheads since my wife and son were with me.  I gave one of …