Brett Jackson on Talkin’ Baseball

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This past Saturday Cubs prospect Brett Jackson spoke with Bruce Levine and Fred Huebner on their weekly radio show Talkin' Baseball. You can <a target="_blank" href="   ">download the episode as a podcast or listen online. He's a pretty good interview, so it's worth a listen, but I wanted to post a small portion of what he had to say about …

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Starlin Castro, Get Your Act Together

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Starlin Castro is the best player the Cubs have, but he does some idiotic things on the baseball field that are going to destroy the Chicago Cubs if he doesn’t learn to stop. I don’t care about his fielding. He could make an error a day every day for the rest of the season and I wouldn’t really mind. If …

Cubs have been consistently bad through April

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Through the first month of the season the Cubs rank 9th in the NL in runs per game. They’ve scored 4.08 runs per game and the NL average is 4.25. The Cubs pitching has allowed 5.27 runs per game, which is 3rd worst in the NL. Only Arizona (5.35) and Houston (5.59) have been worse. The Cubs have the second …

James Russell to start Monday unless someone else does

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“That’s what I don’t know,” Quade said. “If we go in-house, then Russ is going to pitch. But if something else has taken place within the last 24 hours, [Hendry] can bring that to me and we can make a decision. Obviously, anybody who pitched [Friday] night wouldn’t be available. But there could be something else.” — The depth …

On early season Pythagorean Win Expectancy and the Chicago Cubs

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Through the month of April the Cubs have allowed 31 more runs than they’ve scored. This differential ranks 15th in the NL. Only Houston (-34) has been worse. In the American League the White Sox (-37) and Twins (-57) have been worse. Even the Pirates (-24) have been better. The differential between runs score and allowed is important. Runs scored …

Should Starlin Castro move off shortstop?

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After Starlin Castro‘s 3-error inning the other day a lot of talk began again about moving the 21-year old to 2nd base. It’s even been suggested that Darwin Barney (also a natural shortstop) be moved from 2nd to short. Mike Quade hasn’t even begun to think about that, which is great news. It’s not going to happen anytime soon and …

Open Game Thread

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Because I didn’t know what time the Cubs were playing tonight so you get one sentence preview that’s not even about the game.

Derrek Lee talks about Cubs fans

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Derrek Lee had an interview with Bruce Levine that was published in an article on I stumbled across while looking for crap to read prior to bedtime.  Here are some snippets: I know the city and the passion they have for the team,” said Lee, who is batting .245 with one home run and 4 RBIs this season. “I …

Chicago Cubs @ Arizona Diamondbacks (and Fish @ Melons, Pies @ Cucumbers, Cheesecakes @ Butternut Squash Soup)

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GamedayB-Ref Preview Cubs wOBA wRC RS Diamondbacks wOBA wRC RS Kosuke Fukudome .343 .57 -.06 Chris Young .339 .56 .00 Darwin Barney .293 .38 .03 Kelly Johnson .360 .62 -.01 Starlin Castro .332 .51 -.03 Justin Upton .381 .68 .03 Aramis Ramirez .350 .55 -.03 Stephen Drew .341 .52 -.01 Jeff Baker .312 .41 -.01 Miguel Montero .339 .50 -.01 …