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Fun With Cubs

In Postgame by Rice Cube158 Comments

The Cubs won another game, another series, are 11 games over .500, and have the tiebreaker over the Giants, having not lost ground in any race. Have some Morel bomb shots.

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The Next Phase

In Major League Baseball by Rice Cube75 Comments

Other than being the title of a pretty cool Star Trek episode, this coming week marks the next phase in the Cubs race towards extra baseball in October. As it stands, the Cubs stand 3.5 games back of NL Central leader Milwaukee, so they didn’t lose too much ground after an unfortunate (but ultimately acceptable) split in Cincinnati. They are …

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Cubs 3, Brewers 2

In Postgame by berselius12 Comments

Belated postgame due to travel (dying laughing) OSS: Cubs blow a lead late, the scratch their way back for a W Three up: Three Down Next up: The Cubs kick off a four game set at the Great American Small Park, including a double header making up a rainout from early in the season. The Reds have faded a bit …

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Dreamcast 71: House Money

In by Rice Cube92 Comments

RC & AC hang out by themselves this time because everyone else had better things to do or whatever. Topics include: I did a bit more editing this time but got pissed off several times because my mouse crapped out here or there and changed settings all funky on me, so at least this is a short one. You can …

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The Critical Stretch

In Commentary And Analysis by Rice Cube15 Comments

Well well, folks, another set of series that were not lost! At 69-61 (nice), I believe this is the first time all season the Cubs have been eight games over the mythical .500 mark. I’m looking at the breakdown and it would seem that other than that abysmal month of May, which somewhat coincidentally was when Cody Bellinger went on …

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Dreamcast 70: This Game Will Drive You Crazy

In by Rice Cube106 Comments

RC, AC, SVB & berselius hang out as the Cubs were crapping the bed against the Tigers (but they did win the finale and the series) to ponder the state of the Cubs. Topics include: Apologies for the lazy edit, ran out of time and have to do actual work here and there for a real job that pays money. …

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Just Play Better

In Major League Baseball by Rice Cube82 Comments

Seems the Cubs are sort of taking berselius’ advice. Despite some offensive hiccups lately to go with injuries to the pitching staff, the Cubs made out with a 3-2 home stand that probably should have been 5-0, but is better than the alternative where they completely collapse. The Cubs currently sit three games out of first because the Texas Rangers …