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We're now using WordPress as our blogging platform. The comments component we used on Joomla had not been updated even though multiple new versions of Joomla had been released. The service for it had become close to non-existent so it was time to move on. This site has an active community and we enjoyed having the "refresh comment" link at the bottom of the comments. it made things easy, but it was no longer a viable commenting plugin to use. Because of that, there was no reason to continue using Joomla.

All of the posts have been transferred over. All of the comments up through about a week ago have also been transferred. All of the registered users have been transferred though in order to login you'll first have to click the lost password link on the sidebar. All of our registered users can submit their own content to Unobstructed Views as they could before. After you login there will be a link to write an article. Once we are notified by WordPress of the article we'll publish it and you'll be sent an email letting you know it's now active. We strongly encrouage you to write your own posts. That write article link may not work yet. We have to change some roles around, but that will be done in the coming days. If one of you would like to write something in the meantime send one of us an email. Those contact links can be found on the menu or at the bottom of the page.

Also at the bottom of the page are icons to follow each of us on twitter. The sidebar is essentially the same. There's really not a lot that is different other than we're using WordPress. If you have any issues please contact us.

The biggest change is the cache plugin we're using. For all non-registered users a static page will be served. If you follow the comments as a non-registered user the comments won't refresh for about 60 minutes. If you want to follow the comments, go ahead and register and that won't be an issue. Most of the visitors on the site aren't registered and most don't follow the comments so this makes a huge difference on the requests made to the server.

You can upload your own avatars by clicking on edit profile. Scroll down the page.

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  1. Aisle424

    What the fuck is this shit? Who authorized this? Someone is getting shit-canned over this bullshit, I can tell you that.

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