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It would be foolish of us to start by telling you everything we have planned with this blog so you can set unreasonable expectations. The truth is we only have a tentative plan, which is to keep doing what we’ve been doing on our own blogs. It’s what brought you to our initial sites and it’s hopefully what will keep you at this one.  For more details on our personal lives, check out our About Us page. 

We think there are several reasons to be excited about Obstructed View. To our knowledge, no Cubs blog has offered the range of topics, opinions and relevant information as this one will. We’ll provide some commentary, laughter, some stats, and some very well written articles. They’ll come from a wide range of people who all help to make this a better place and hopefully the best Cubs blog.

If you don’t like math with your Cubs, don’t worry. There will be plenty here for you to enjoy. If you come here for discussion on stats, there will also be plenty for you to read. If you just come here to talk nonsense, there will be no shortage of that either. Each article may not have what you want, but we’re certain if you give us a chance you’ll be glad you did.

This a Joomla driven site and those familiar with ACB are also familiar with how it works. For those not so familiar, there’s a login box at the top of the screen. Scroll over it and you’ll see an icon to register. You don’t have to, but an annoying and oddly difficult captcha will be enabled as soon as the site starts getting spammed. We encourage you to sign up at Obstructed View so it’s easier for you to comment.

There are twitter icons at the top of the page. There is one for the blog and then one for each of our personal twitter accounts. We suggest you follow them all and then email 10 friends and tell them to follow them too. Be sure to like Obstructed View on facebook.

It’s a simple layout so there shouldn’t be much confusion. If you have troubles, please scroll over Site on the Menu and click on Contact Obstructed View. Someone will get back with you as soon as possible. You’ll notice there is a contact link for each of us as well as one for the blog. If you’d like to tell Berselius that you think And Counting is ugly, this is where you click. You can also use the individual contact form to ask one or all of them if they’d like to be your BFF. We assume you can figure out what to do, but for all site related comments, questions or complaints, please use the Obstructed View comment form. It’s easier for us that way. We’re anticipating thousands of emails per day.

Obstructed View should be mobile friendly. It seems all of us who started the blog have iphones so that’s all we’ve been able to test it on, but it should be friendly to most mobile devices. Please use the Contact Obstructed View form above if you are using a device that it is not working properly with.

Since we’re cheap, we’ve chosen not to spend more money on hosting than we have to. As a result, it is possible this site will have to increase its hosting package and the site could have some performance issues before that. Do. Not. Worry. Also, please do not contact us about this as we will be watching it more closely than you. We will increase whatever needs to be increased and have the site working as it should as quickly as possible.

We had a lot preparing this site. Thanks to a comment from Melissa on Facebook, Adam made the Traveling Willburys image you see on the About page. Then he made a few others and Tim joined in and before long each of us were making similar images. You can find all of them in the image gallery at the bottom of the About page.

Tell all your friends. Write about us on Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites. Bookmark the site and make sure you come back. We hope you enjoy the blog as much as we enjoy having you here.

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