Mr. Zambrano Goes to Wrigley (Maybe?)

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ESPN free-lance reporter, and all-around good guy, Sahadev Sharma tweeted out one of the more interesting Cubs tweets I have seen in quite awhile:


I mean, not for his pitching. He's pretty much done as a pitcher and might actually be a worse option than Kevin Gregg that Cubs fans everywhere are losing their shit over. But imagine the entertainment value!

The fans on Twitter's reactions would be worth it by themselves, but then you'd get the mainstream media. Oh man, Steve Rosenbloom, Paul Sullivan, Gordon Wittenmyer, Rick Morrissey… they'd all be fighting with each other about who gets to trash Zambrano first.  Then I'd imagine the national guys would get into the act and just start bludgeoning the Cubs in general while using Zambrano as their leaping-off point.

It will be amazing and that will all be before he actually makes a pitch for the major league team.

A few minutes later Sharma followed up:

So the odds are extremely long anything comes of this.

Paul Sullivan asked the Cubs what was going on:

So it's possible the Cubs are quickly turning off all the lights, hiding under their desks, and pretending nobody is home. Maybe Zambrano isn't there to see the Cubs at all and is there to meet with somebody from the Rangers? Maybe he was in Chicago and thought it would be fun to fuck with everybody. The possibilities are nearly endless!

This is why I want it to happen. All we have is one tweet from one guy that he's at Wrigley and everybody is going crazy. Since there is almost nothing else entertaining about this season, I want this to happen.

Dear sweet Baby Jesus, make this happen.


I'm a sad panda.

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  1. Rice Cube


    Paul Sullivan ‏@PWSullivan 4m
    Cubs confirm they have no interest in Zambrano. He’s just visiting, though he hasn’t come up to press box to say hi yet.

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  2. mikeakaleroy

    And of course it’s the fucking hobbit that spoils the fun.

    “Cubs confirm they have no interest in Zambrano. He’s just visiting, though he hasn’t come up to press box to say hi yet.” – Paul “Professional Fun Ruiner” Sullivan

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  3. dmick89

    I’d be all thrilled about Mark Prior, Angel Guzman, Jeremi Gonzalez or Steve Trout returning, but I’d rather just keep the Zambrano page turned. I like that I don’t give a shit right now. I’d have to pay attention more and defend him again. Easier if that doesn’t happen.

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