MLB Draft: Live Thread, Day One *UPDATES*

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Coverage Watch:

The countdown is on. Coverage has started on MLB Network, and the actual draft starts at 6. I’m streaming on

The draft has never been a good TV event. I know it’s an unpopular opinion, but I have been a fan of Harold Reynolds’s going back to his days on Baseball Tonight. With the draft it’s a different story. I get the distinct impression that he’s pulling absolutely everything out of his ass. It’s hard to justify him getting as much face time as he does. Other thoughts:

  • I like Peter Gammons anywhere.
  • Greg Amsinger’s voice/enthusiasm really bug me for some reason that I can’t put my finger on.
  • John Hart: meh.
  • Jim Callis is good, but TV is not his forte.
  • It looks like John Manuel has joined the team this year (he hasn’t been on previously, has he?), my first impression is that he is great. I’ve always liked him on the BA podcast, and he seems much more comfortable on camera than Callis. Thumbs up, MLBN. Now give him Reynolds’s chair.


Earlier reports had Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria doing his normal interfering-at-the-last-minute routine, so that could be what this is about. Who knows, though? Maybe the Cubs are in on Alex Jackson after all.

Cubs at #4

Kiley McDaniel’s mock is the most recent I’ve seen. He has the Cubs taking Michael Conforto. Nick Gordon, Kyle Schwarber, Max Pentecost, and Aaron Nola are the other most common names associated with the team.

I’ll keep this thread updated with rumors and anything else that seems significant, so stay tuned to OV.


  • The Astros have indeed gone with Brady Aiken, as predicted by most. 2 years in a row for them obfuscating until the last minute, and going with the consensus choice. It will be interesting to see how far underslot he goes.
  • Woah. Here’s a switch. The Marlins have gone with Tyler “Towel Drill” Kolek, who the Cubs were not interested in. This could be what Manuel was referring to earlier. It will be interested to see what the Sox do next, as there seems a good chance that the Cubs will get their wish with Rodon, now.
  • And there goes the Cubs’ dream. The Sox took Rodon. On one hand, Rodon terrifies me, so I’m not too bothered by it. On the other, I have some faith in the front office, and wish they could get the player they wanted.

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