Josh Vitters awaits call up

I'm going to have more on Josh Vitters in the near future, but for now you can read an article on

At a quick glance, Vitters' numbers — .302, 14 home runs, 56 RBIs through Saturday — would seem to suggest a callup is overdue. That seems especially true with Chicago third baseman Ian Stewart on the disabled list and Luis Valbuena struggling as his replacement.

"They really haven't told me anything specific (to work on)," Vitters said. "I just assume it means I need to get better at everything. I'm not there for a reason. It's because I need to get more repetition, I need to improve every single day as much as I possibly can."

The primary criticisms he has endured are his lack of patience at the plate — his 24 walks this season are a career high — and his defense (18 errors).

"I don't think you can really walk, especially at a high level in the Minor Leagues, unless you're at least feared to some extent by the other teams," Vitters said. "If you get up in the three- or four-hole and you start putting up some numbers, then the walks start coming."


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10 thoughts on “Josh Vitters awaits call up

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    @ Doogolas:
    He’s right to an extent, but he does have power so it’s not like pitchers are just throwing down the middle. He swings a lot. He’s improved this year, which is a huge step for him. He’s never going to walk much, which limits his value. His defense will be below average, which further limits his value. If he can stay at 3rd he could be OK, but if he has to move to another position he’s going to have to hit more than he has.

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    Jerry Crasnick โ€@jcrasnick
    Sources say Ryan Dempster had given preliminary indications that he would accept a trade to the #braves from #cubs

    Jerry Crasnick โ€@jcrasnick
    But when trade leaked out in media Monday before #cubs informed him, Dempster was not happy. Felt blindsided, said a source.

    Jerry Crasnick โ€@jcrasnick
    Dempster is pitching Wednesday, so #cubs and #braves should know soon whether he’ll accept or reject the deal.

    Fuck you braves

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    I’m confused how Dempster could feel “blindsided” by a trade for him. It’s not exactly a secret that he and Garza are likely to be shipped out. Either the reports about ATL being an acceptable destination are inaccurate or he’s attempting to use this as leverage for something else like an extension.

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    Bubbs is having a discussion with Brett, B, and MO on twitter. I just dont get the point of Demps approving the braves then backing off is. Who really likes staying on sinking ships?

    With Garzas health and dempster being an asshole this deadline might suck.

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