Game(s) thread – first day of Spring Training

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Today’s lineups!

At Giants (radio via Giants on

  • La Stella, 2B
  • Denorfia, LF
  • Alcantara, CF
  • Soler, RF
  • Castillo, C
  • Bryant, 3B
  • Schwarber, DH
  • Valaika, 1B
  • Russell, SS
  • Turner, P

Vs A’s (Len and Mick on

  • Fowler, CF
  • Rizzo, 1B
  • Castro, SS
  • Montero, C
  • Baez, 2B
  • Coghlan, LF
  • Olt, 3B
  • Sweeney, DH
  • Lake, RF
  • Wood, P

Random stuff

  • Rizzo batting second? I love it, even if I think there’s little chance it happens during the season.

  • Phil Coke ——> Cubs. From what I remember, he was a fan favorite in Detroit, at least for all the visiting fans.
  • A look at the BP Annual takes on the NL Central, from earlier this week.

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