Daily Facepalm 4.2.15 – Roofing, boarding, framing, we do everything

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Rooftops fighting a losing battle

Rulings have started happening on the roofies’ lawsuit against the Cubs, and it’s looking good for the team. Brett dusted off his lawyer hat (wig?) to take a look at the ruling. Here’s my precis of his precis of the ruling: the rooftops are fucked. There’s still plenty more rodeo to go on here but I would be shocked if the Cubs didn’t own/cut another deal with all of the rooftops before this whole thing is played out.

Cubs trying to teach framing skills to young catchers

Via @BenBadler, Baseball America’s J.J. Cooper has a piece on the Cubs attempts to teach framing to catchers. OV owner and supreme overlord Harry Pavlidis gets a name drop.

The video board is up and running

Some shots from John J. Kim of the Trib

Cubs baseball is coming

Weather forecast for Sunday is a high of 63, around 57 at game time. Well done, Mother Nature, hopefully.

All quiet on the rumor front

Despite the eminent availability of several Cubs players (Jackson, Castillo, Sweeney), there hasn’t been much in the way of trade rumors. A lot of that is due to this FO being able to play things so close to the vest, though we haven’t heard anything from Nick Cafardo lately. I think Sweeney makes the team and gets cut when Bryant is called up, FWIW.

Kris Bryant drama, take #8675309

Jason Wojciechowski, labor lawyer and baseball writer, wrote this piece in VICE on the MLBPA’s chances of filing a credible grievance over this whole kerfuffle. It’s not quite as ridiculous as it sounds, as they wouldn’t necessarily be defending Kris Bryant, who is not a union member (but would be long before anything gets rules), but enforcement of the CBA. But that requires proving that the team was acting in good faith, which is sufficiently murky that I think the Cubs would probably win. I’m still with the Cubs on sending Bryant down* but Woj makes a good point about how just because something isn’t illegal doesn’t mean you should consider it fair game.

*For those who think Bryant should be on the team, even 89% of BCB participators think that Bryant should go to AAA

Take back the steroid era

Craig Calcaterra makes a great point at Hardballtalk about the stars of the 90s, in response to this fantastic piece on Bonds by SBN’s Grant Brisbee. Sosa’s the reason why I and many others of my generation are Cubs fans, and even if you have some ambivalence about him now (I certainly don’t), it’s ludicrous how much of that era has been whitewashed by the sports media, who grew up idolizing guys who in retrospect were flawed human beings themselves. The warts are there. So are the memories of the buzz around the whole city when Sammy came to the plate. Or the reverence you hear from Latin players about Sosa, which is a huge recruiting  advantage the Cubs are just letting sit by the wayside. Who wouldn’t love to have Sosa come to your door and ask if you wanted to play for the Cubs?

And in GABP too


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