Cubs Spring Training Game #1: Brewers vs. Cubs

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Baseball is back. Kinda.

Listen here and watch here.

Cubs Lineup:

Happ CF
Schwarber LF
La Stella 3B
Caratini C
Navarro 1B (lol)
Bote 2b (lol)
Hannemann RF (lol)
Zagunis DH
Freeman SS (lol)

SP: Michael Roth (lol)

Brewers Lineup:

Broxton CF
Yelich LF
Santana RF
Aguilar 1B
Perez 3B
Pina DH
Sogard 2B
Arcia SS
Rebel Scum Jett Bandy C

SP: Brett Suter

I'll be curious how Roth does pitching, as he figures to be the 2nd or 3rd guy to step up if/when an injury sidelines a starting pitcher. I'll also be curious to see if Schwarber looks noticeably different.

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  1. Author

    Rice at school:
    So let’s give the MVP for the 3-inning outing to Tommy La Stella, who’s done for the day because this game doesn’t matter.

    Yep, now that the first 3 innings are over, I’ve turned it off to do other, more productive things, like listen to ragtime music on youtube.

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  2. Rizzo the Rat

    Reminder: the last time the Cubs had a winning Spring Training was 2012. And you know how that season turned out, unless you’ve repressed that memory.

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  3. dmick89

    If they keep running out a lineup like they did today they’ll lose 120. Some of these guys will need some rest creating opportunities for a player like Bryant or Rizzo so I expect they’ll lose no more than 110.

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  4. Smokestack Lightning


    I’ve heard promising things about this Chris Brian kid. Could be a good one, but he’s got to earn it. Grit-gamers like La Stella won’t just hand it over.

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