Cubs Free Agent Contest Update

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The World Series ended and so did time to enter the OV Cubs free agent contest. Since I can no longer do math in spreadsheets, I handed the job off to GW who was politely agreed I'm useless. He did the work and here is who we bet our points on, in order.

Player Totals
Masahiro Tanaka 102
Jacoby Ellsbury 85
Shin-Soo Choo 73
Curtis Granderson 31
Bronson Arroyo 31
Jarrod Saltalamacchia 30
Kelly Johnson 29
Chris Young 23
Aledmis Diaz 23
David DeJesus 20
Hiroki Kuroda 19
Josh Johnson 19
Phil Hughes 18
Robby Cano 15
Tim Lincecum 15
Geo Soto 15
Joba Chamberlain 13
David Murphy 11
Scott Kazmir 11
Eric Chavez 11
Juan Oviedo 10
Grant Balfour 10
Suk Min Yoon 10
Joel Hanrahan 10
AJ Pierzynski 10
Corey Hart 7
Tim Hudson 6
Colby Lewis 6
Chad Gaudin 5
Rich Harden 5
Ted Lilly  5
Carlos Marmol 5
Jason Marquis 5
Henry Blanco 5
Mark DeRosa 5
Mike Fontenot 5
Reed Johnson 5
Kevin Youkilis 5
Matt Diaz 5
Ricky Nolasco 5
Jeff Baker 5
Joe Smith 5
Rich Hill 5
Brayan Pena 4
Ubaldo Jimenez 3
Tim Byrdak 3
Nelson Cruz 3
Hideki Okajima 3
Roberto Hernandez 3
John Buck 3
Ryan Madson 3
Bartolo Colon 3
Placido Polanco 3
Jason Frasor 3
Alexi Casilla 3
Ryan Raburn 3
Matt Capps 2
Rafael Furcal 2
Aaron Harang 2
Nate Mclouth 2
Jeff Francoeur 1
AJ Burnett 1
Brian McCann 0.5
Carlos Beltran 0.25
Koji Uehara 0.2

I'm not really surprised by the top three. They're the best free agents and we're Cubs fans so we're all hopeful. But Curtis Granderson? I did not see that coming. The same goes for Bronson Arroyo. 

GBTS had the best submission by far.

Gimme 5 each on

Chad Gaudin
Rich Harden
Ted Lilly
Carlos Marmol
Jason Marquis
Henry Blanco
Geovany Soto
Mark DeRosa
Mike Fontenot
Reed Johnson


Still makes me laugh.

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