Cubs DFA Carlos Marmol, release Ian Stewart

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The Cubs have DFA'd Carlos Marmol and released Ian Stewart. They've also called up Brian Bogusevic. Marmol had been terrible and Ian Stewart didn't know how to tweet. It says quite a bit about Marmol that the Cubs didn't even wait until mid-July to see if some team might trade for him, but they do have 10 days to work out a trade or release him. My guess is he'll be released.

Bogusevic has a career .656 OPS at the MLB level, but has been really good at Iowa (.929 OPS).

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  1. Ryno

    dmick89 wrote:

    Blitzer: we’ve just learned from 3 senior sources inside a rival company that Kraft has intentionally made their mayonnaise so that it would go bad if left on the counter. These source indicate an intricate web of lies that CNN has learned first-hand and we’ll tell you about these right after the break.

    Blitzer: Look at them down there, eating the spoiled mayo. They are so poor, and so black…

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  2. WenningtonsGorillaCock

    (dying laughing)

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    I was the Bartender of the Surf and Saddle at the base of Lomas Santa Fe in Solana beach, it now has a different name. I was the Morning bartender and the “Boys”,came in for the “stock Watch” and to yell at each other , though they were best friends, then they would return to their houses once the wives were waking, 8-9 am, do married stuff, breakfast, etc, and then “The Boys” would return for a pre-lunch “Pop” “One for the Ditch”. and that was it, they didn’t go out again. People thought they drank a lot because they drank in the morning, but that was their social time wth the buddies, the rest of the day were family duties.

    I was always involved in Baseballl because I did a Charity with Tim Flannery to send 4,000 kids from Camp Pendleton to Padres games over 4 years. I did that single-handedly, though Tim Flannery’s band Played which was great!! Every TV<RADIO< Newspaper and Blog had heard from me and were there yearly. Lots asked me why don't you give them food and clothes and I said" these kids parents are gone fighting and dying for the questionable cause of oil profits or right and wrong, and they can't afford to go to a GAME??? SSo I thought that every chiold in America should be able to enjoy that most American of Old fashioned Entertainment, A Baseball game. Pendleton supplied the transport and the Padres gave us for $5 a ticket, hot dog, drink and fuzzy finger. The shot of me on the Megatron is a Thank you from the padres for the work I had done, the place had 1000 Marine kids there, I was very proud to help the Vet's families have a little joy as I too am below the poverty level!!

    THE STORY NOW, I NEVER ASKED EDDIE FOR ANYTHING, NO SIGNED NOTHNG, WHICH I THINK SHOCKED HIM because everyone always did, napkins, any piece of paper they could find, it was tasteless. BUT, MY MOM WAS DIRECTOR OF ADMINISTRATION OF WARNER BROTHERS when we were kids and our neighbor's were Batman(Adam West), and another neighbor Larry Hagman, of" I Dream of Jeannie", at the time (he chased down some mean boys who stole my brothers Halloween Candy, so he has always been a hero since our little 4 year old minds watched the Superhero save the day in Malibu Colony, AND I WAS "FAMOUS PROOF", meaning I always knew we were all equal and had things to learn from the bums in the street ergo we are equal!! So Eddie made a point of giving me a signed card on my B-Days and holidays. Normally he wasn't thrilled when people asked for stuff, some were great, the kids and real fans, but some were just opportunists who wanted to make a buck of him when he died, as he put it!!! Never one to mince words. I miss Eddie terribly. After his death I organized for his wife to throw in the first pitch at a Padres Game, and we all took a bus down and we did an event at the local Elks Lodge, but Eddie was woefully ignored by the Baseball Commissioner, Hank Aaron, and all the baseball world when he died and it was a Shameful thing, especially for the Commissioner and Hank Aaron, who was there and laughed when Eddie said that which led to his firing, it was that era, but he was caught up in the Politically Correct Avant-Garde, though the whole team, including Hank, talked a certain way to each other, but when the Press attacked Eddie for a mild statement of the times, Hank and the Team didn't back him up, and it really broke his heart, deeply, I guess after all those years it was like your family saying, we don't want you here anymore, the days of the hard drinking Babe Loving Babe Ruth days are over and now we are all so PC, and I usually am, but I know what he said and he should NEVER have been let go. What is unknown is that the day Before, for the first time in Baseball History, a Commissioner involved himself in a team roster decision saying they had to play Aaron in St Louis I believe, but Eddie wanted him to hit the winning home run in Atlanta, the next day, so Hank played, he tied the homer score at 713 in St Louis and won the Title of "Most Home Runs Ever"714 Title in Atlanta but I know Eddie and I'm sure he told the Commissioner he had no right to interfere, it had never been done, so there was Bad Blood and suddenly, they let Eddie Go. Very Sad for Baseball and Eddie as I know it hurt his feelings terribly.

    By the way, the people in the photos are me and Eddie in the first, then Eddie, us with another guy, and me at the Megatron, which is where I got a lot of Randy Jones, Cy Young Award Winner, (great guy, pitcher and BarBQue master )signed a couple of the Hats I will be Auctioning!!

    Thanks for listening to the story, don't know all that much about cards or their worth, but Eddie gave me the ones I am auctioning, so we know they are real, and his wife, Judy, lives in Del Mar and she'll give me a confirmation, though I haven't seen her in years.

    Thanks for stopping by, Michelle

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  3. jason

    Why would another club trade for Marmol, when they can sign him for the minimum? The Cubs are on the hook for the rest of his salary

    As for Stewart, I can understand releasing him for his twitter rant, but I thought it was a real lack of class on the part of the Cubs to suspend him for ten days first

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