Cubs and Quade Call It Quite

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The Cubs have fired Mike Quade. Theo Epstein broke the news to Quade in person. Given the length of time the new leadership spent meeting with Quade, I think it’s a sign that the front office seriously considered the possibility of keeping him on (or at least didn’t enter the situation with their minds made up) and/or that Quade was pretty cooperative in informing the new regime about his read on the team. Whatever was said, the way this has transpired reflects positively on everyone involved. I’m halfway between good luck and good riddance on his departure.

Along with that news come reports of the first casualty in the managerial search. Ryne Sandberg can already scratch his name off the list of candidates. In another class move, Epstein reached out through Phillies personnel to inform Ryno of this news and to ask that he personally do the name-scratching-off of the officially official list.

It’s a new day, Cubs fans. Well, technically the day’s more than half over, but figuratively speaking, it’s a new day in Cubdom.

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