Cubs 9, Reds 5 (5.16.17)

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OSS: There's nothing like Bronson Arroyo and the wind blowing out at Wrigley to wake up an offense.

Three up:

  1. The Cubs 'only' hit four home runs in this game, but somehow it felt like there were a lot more. Of all of them, Kyle Schwarber's bomb into the back rows of the RF bleachers was the most impressive, and it snapped a 0-17 streak. Russell and Rizzo also homered their way out of slumps, and Ian Happ added his second homer of his big league career.
  2. The biggest play of the game could have been even bigger than it was. Willson Contreras hit a bases loaded ground rule double in the first inning that got stuck in the vines, scoring two instead of three.
  3. John Lackey pitched 5.1 innings, giving up three runs. On a night like tonight, anything less than six runs felt like a success.

Three down

  1. The only Cubs starter in the lineup without a hit today was Javier Baez, whose season line stands at .228/.264/.430. His glove hasn't quite been enough to paper over some of that this year, but maybe a little time off once Zobrist gets a little healthier might help him out.
  2. His double play partner hasn't looked all that good at the plate lately either, basket HR today aside. He had the biggest negative play of the game when he popped out with the bases loaded in the first.
  3. They can't face Arroyo again tomorrow. Though come to think of it, I wouldn't be surprised if he was available tomorrow if they needed him. I can't wait until he develops a knuckleball or something and pitches into his 50s.

Next up

Scott Feldman takes on Kyle Hendricks, same bat time, same bat stadium. Maybe some new bats though.

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  1. Berselius is too lazy to login

    I love that the Cubs managed to hit four homers but no one was on base for any of them (dying laughing)

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  2. Rizzo the Rat

    If opposing teams figure out that they can intentionally walk Cubs batters and balk them into scoring position, the Cubs will hit .150 the rest of the season.

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  3. Berselius is too lazy to login

    To-day’s base ball squadron

    Happ (cf)
    Jay (rf)

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  4. Wenningtons Gorilla Cock

    Wade Davis is among the leaders in GWAR (not to be confused with Gwar). Hector Rondon is second on the team.

    It’s hard to confuse anything with Gwar (dying laughing)

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  5. Berselius is too lazy to login

    Now that the Cubs learned to hit with some runners in scoring position, maybe they could hit some home runs with guys on base.

    Now would be a good time

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  6. dmick89


    I feel that way about Metallica too, but I’ve at least enjoyed and appreciated some of their earlier (prior to the mid 90s) stuff. I thought Gwar sucked the first time I heard them and that was probably close to 30 years ago.

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  7. dmick89


    Really? I thought he was more than likely off the base. I’d have overturned if the initial call was out. I don’t think we can be 100% sure either way, but to me at least, it looked much more likely he was safe than not.

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  8. cerulean


    I was watching with the audio muted. I thought his toe was on the bag when the ball entered his mitt. I watched the replay with the audio and was shocked at how Len and JD thought confirmation was a foregone conclusion. Rizzo earned that. It was perfect.

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  9. cerulean


    I remember a guy in HS that was really into Gwar. I called them G-war just to piss him off. I could be a real dick sometimes. I don’t think I ever heard a note of their music.

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