Cubs 9, Cardinals 8 (5.25.16)

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OSS: An ugly win is still a win

Three up

  1. Kris Bryant had a great day at the plate, going 2-3 with a walk and a homer. He was the Cubs overall WPA leader on the day but the biggest single individual play was…
  2. Jason Heyward's two-run double in the second inning. The Cubs scored in a hurry in the second, I had gone to grab my lunch during the commercial break and found that the Cubs had scored six times by the time I returned.
  3. I am still dying laughing at Soler and Baez and their gatorade cup binoculars. 052516_chc_soler_gatoradecups_med_vanxonb0

Three down

  1. I'm not sure what to take away from Arrieta's performance today. It was his first non-quality start in quite some time, but he wasn't getting much help from the home plate umpire's horse-shit strikezone. Or Yadi casually just sticking his armor-plated elbow in the path of a curveball. Or the fact that the Cardinals seemingly had a dozen infield singles with two strikes in this game. The homers they hit were no-doubters though.
  2. Tommy La Stella had a rough game at third, but I'm not really looking to make any conclusions about his defense. Baez is still the best option with the glove but I don't think TLS is Braun-esque out there or anything.
  3. Bryant's HR gave the Cubs a big lead, but Warren and Wood gave it back pretty quickly. If the Cubs look to shore up anywhere at the deadline it's likely to be in the pen. Though as baffling as it sounds I'm kind of hoping Concepcion makes the team.

Next up: The Cubs are off on Thursday, then open up a homestand with a three game set against the overachieving Phillies. Hopefully this isn't a repeat of the last time the Phillies came to town.


*credit to Aisley for the lovely picture of the Gateway arch

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  1. cerulean

    Immaculate Concepción would be fun. So long as he can stay away from all of the maculate outings.

    I still get the sense that Andrew Miller will be a Cub at the deadline.

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  2. dmick89

    Though as baffling as it sounds I’m kind of hoping Concepcion makes the team.

    I know. I’m hoping the same thing. It’s hilarious. I hated this signing the moment it happened and hated it for so long until the Cubs even hated it and practically gave up.

    @cerulean, why do you think Miller will be a Cub at the deadline? Have you read anything that leads you to believe that? I just don’t see this front office giving up all that much for any relief pitcher. I was watching the Braves last night and since they’re in sell it all mode I briefly wondered what it would cost to re-acquire Vizcaino, but it would be way too much for this front office. They just don’t strike me as the guys who are going to give up all that much for a reliever.

    Minor league recap will auto-post at 10:30.

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