Cubs 7, Reds 5 (5.17.17)

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TSS: Cubs get some hits with runners in scoring position? What sorcery is this?

Three up:

  1. On a day when the wind was howling out, the Cubs scored seven runs without a home run. Coomer claimed it was 45 mph winds but I'm guessing that was jsut gusts. The biggest hit of the day was Kyle Schwarber's two-run single that put the Cubs ahead in the second inning. Scott Feldman continues to provide value for the Cubs franchise.
  2. Kyle Hendricks gave up two runs in six innings, which was pretty great given the conditions. One of those two runs was a wind-aided homer by Cozart that would have been an out on pretty much every other day of the year. His velocity was also apparently looking more Cyle-like too which was good to see.
  3. Ben Zobrist was back from his non-DL stint and had a nice day, going 2-3 with a double and a walk and leading the team in WPA.
    3b. The Cardinals blew a big early lead and lost in extras.

Three down:

  1. Not a great outing for Mike Montgomery and Pedro Strop. Monty got two quick outs before issuing two singles and a walk, followed by Strop giving up a two run double to make things a little more interesting.
  2. I'll take the win, but games ending on a flimsy challenge are kind of lame. I guess the umps had somewhere else to be.
  3. Not much else to complain about, so I'll put the fact that Gwar is still a thing here.

Next up: Cubs go for the sweep with Jon Lester on the mound against Amir Garrett. Garrett has been kind of okay in six starts for the Reds, which probably makes him their second best starter.

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  1. Rice Cube

    One could make the argument that part of the edge of a cleat remained on the bag on the stretch. Great effort regardless of how blind umps might be.

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  2. cerulean

    As someone who was traveling during the game in northern Indiana, the wind was consistent and sustained. I don’t know about 45mph, but it was at least 30mph, enough to create giant curtains of dust 100 feet high reminiscent of the dustbowl.

    How there was only one cheap homerun in the game is beyond me.

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  3. Myles

    Addison Russell looks really lost at the plate. I don’t think it’s unfair to seriously think about making some changes to the everyday lineup.

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  4. cerulean


    His throw the Rizzo to end the game—rightfully—was reminiscent of his throw home against New York. I think his shoulder is not quite right. Maybe there is no pain, but there may be weakness.

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  5. Rice in limbo


    I believe his momentum took him too far since he couldn’t stop his slide before uncorking the throw. Other throws looked strong and true throughout the game to my lying eyes. I think he’s just pressing at the plate.

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  6. Perkins

    To day’s base ball squadron:
    Zobrist (RF)
    Happ (LF)
    Almora Jr.

    I’d have preferred to see Happ in RF, since Zobrist has looked pretty lost out there this year.

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  7. cerulean

    Rice in limbo,

    It was definitely a strange angle, but I think that angle is more like batting than typical throwing. I am not saying it’s true, but it’s a plausible alternative fact, therefore must certainly be true because all knowledge is relative in our post-truth world of truthiness.

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  8. Rizzo the Rat

    Looks as though the Cubs shuffled the rotation again so that Lester won’t have to face the Brewers.

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  9. cerulean


    That’s the problem with facts.Who’s to say whose facts are correct? It’s all relative and unknowable.

    Grammar Nazis* know the truth.

    *Actually, I’m a Grammar Libertarian.

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  10. Smokestack Lightning

    Rizzo the Rat:
    I just hope Wade Davis gets the afternoon off after working the last two nights.

    He’ll come in the 8th and finish the game so he can get used to pitching for Joe in a World Series.

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  11. Myles

    What I’m trying to say is I wouldn’t buy your Baez, Happ, or Russell shirseys anytime soon because one of them is going to be traded in the near term.

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  12. Myles

    There is such a need for MLB pitching and such a dearth of spots for our young talent that it would boggle my mind if a trade didn’t happen in the next 2 months.

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  13. dmick89


    Why do the have to trade one of them? Zobrist would be the first choice to trade if they have to trade one of them. Seems to me that Happ has been auditioning for Zobrist’s role. And he can play CF. I’d be fine with Happ everyday in CF for now.

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  14. Author


    How much value could they get for Zobrist? He’s in his 30s, costs $$, and has a back problem. The Cubs can do something about the second thing I guess. It might piss off some people in the clubhouse too.

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  15. dmick89


    They won’t get much.

    As for a possible trade of Russell or Baez, the Cubs kind of need both of them. They’re the only two serviceable shortstops that they have. If they’re trading anyone, it’s probably a package including Happ and Jimenez. I really don’t want that. I think Happ can be a legitimate producer this year.

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  16. Myles Handley


    Why do the have to trade one of them? Zobrist would be the first choice to trade if they have to trade one of them. Seems to me that Happ has been auditioning for Zobrist’s role. And he can play CF. I’d be fine with Happ everyday in CF for now.

    Zobrist would net an Arroyo-caliber return.

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  17. cerulean

    In response to Pat on Dylan Bundy:

    I always think of Bob Dylan and Ted Bundy. A serial maker of killer folk-rock and a serial killer. It works.

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  18. dmick89

    Myles Handley,

    I get that and don’t care. I’d trade zobrist for Arroyo before I’d trade Russell or Happ and I doubt Baez could get the Cubs much more than Arroyo and a good reliever.

    Then again, a good reliever would probably be a good thing since 9 run leads are no longer looking safe.

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