Cubs 7, Phillies 1

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OSS: Kris Bryant – he’s back!

Three up:

  1. Bryant went 2-4 with a double, single, and two strikeouts in his return to the lineup from his lingering shoulder injury.
  2. Kyle Hendricks had a solid start, allowing one run on six hits and two walks in six innings. It’s nice to see him looking more like his old self, if not necessarily Cyle.
  3. The Brewers and Cardinals both lost, so the Cubs division lead is back up to 4.5 games.

Three down:

  1. I got nothin’ here. This was about as low drama as a win can get.

Next up: The Cubs go for the series win against Aaron Nola at 12:35 CT. Nola’s been so good (and the Phillies defense so bad) this year that he may have broken pitching WAR.

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  1. dmick89

    Rizzo the Rat:
    Stupid Reds.

    As much as I’d like the Brewers and Cardinals to lose, I don’t actually care all that much since the Cubs have a healthy lead. If the lead was a game or two I’d care a lot more. The Cubs are going to win and there’s one less game to play. That’s pretty big with the lead the Cubs have.

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