Cubs 7, Marlins 2

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OSS: Darvish levels up to kinda meh.

Three+ up:

  1. Willson Contreras had a big day at the plate, going 2-3 with a HR, a bases loaded walk, and a HBP. The homer followed the hit by pitch, and Willson made sure to take his time around the bases.
  2. David Bote actually had an even better day, WPA-wise, with an assist from Contreras. He drove in two with a double in the first inning, and knocked in a run in the fifth on a fielder’s choice where Willson legged it out to beat the throw to second base.
  3. Javy Baez collected three hits tonight, but the Javy being Javy highlight came when he snagged a foul ball as a baserunner. Mattingly was kind of cheesed that it might be interference but that ball was way foul.
  4. Darvish struggled in the early going, but seemed to find his command as the game went on. He was feeling it maybe a little too much in his final PA, raring back and chucking 98-99 mph fastballs, the last one of which got the rare magic bullet dick/neck/back combo when he lost the handle. He finished with 5.2 IP, 2 R, 4 BB, 8 SO.
  5. Apparently Joe’s new policy with the bullpen is to just yank guys as soon as they walk someone. I like.

Three down:

  1. Almora went 0-4 with an intentional walk in this one, though at least he did remind everyone why he was in the lineup with a sensational catch to open the game.
  2. A relief pitcher got a plate appearance. Joe gotta Joe.
  3. Javy Baez had a rough error in the second on a potential double play. The Cubs were playing their anti-bunt defense when the pitcher swung away, which probably caught everyone relatively off guard.

Next up: Jose Quintana takes on Pablo Lopez at 6:10 PM CT. Q looked fantastic in his last start, let’s hope he keeps rolling. Or don’t. I can’t tell you what to hope for.

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  1. Author

    To-day’s base ball squadron

    2B Descalso
    LF Bryant
    1B Rizzo
    SS Baez
    RF Heyward
    C Contreras
    3B Bote
    CF Almora
    P Quintana

    Still no War Bear

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  2. Myles

    I shouldn’t be so harsh. He’s currently tied with Stan Musial in 2019 XBH. In some respects, he’s as good as the greatest Cardinal of all time.

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  3. dmick89


    Thanks. It looks like the first two links line up with the news today (all within the last year). The last one there on the Tribune was way back in 2014. Obviously this comes up more than I remember since I don’t remember any of these, but if someone doesn’t share it here it’s doubtful I came across it.

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  4. Author


    Not sure how Musial gets that title over Yadier Molina, the greatest ballplayer/neck tattoo model of all time


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