Cubs 4, Dodgers 0 (4.13.17)

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OSS: Cubs cruise to an easy series win against the other best team in the NL.

Three up:

  1. Rizzo's bat showed a few more signs of life, hitting a solo shot in the first and chasing Ryu with an RBI single in the fifth. Oddly enough it's the first home run for either him or Bryant so far.  Addison Muscle also picked up his first home run of the year
  2. Albert Almora was flashing the leather in CF today, making two great plays on what should have been extra base hits by Corey Seager.
  3. Carl Edwards Jr had a nice bounceback outing after a not being able to find the strike zone on Monday. It was nice to see him get a multi-inning stint, too.

Three down:

  1. Anderson did not give up any runs, but he did not look nearly as sharp as he did in his Cubs debut. He walked four batters, and those who did make contact were hitting it hard in the air rather than on the ground, which is his usual MO.
  2. Bryant had an 0-fer with two strikeouts, though he did pick up a walk.
  3. The Cubs already have one more non-extra inning relief pitcher PA than a team should have in an entire season. Though from what I remember Joe is gathering this stat more slowly than he did last year.

Next up: The Cubs host the Pirates for a weekend series. I hope someone asks Gerrit Cole who the best team in baseball is right now.

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  1. SK

    I hope someone asks Gerrit Cole who the best team in baseball is right now.

    some kind of fire picture icon repeated three times exclamation point

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  2. Berselius is too lazy to login

    No time for a preview post. Matchups are

    Cole v Hendricks
    Glasnow v Arrieta
    Taillon v Lester

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  3. Perkins

    I’m going to tomorrpw’s game. Here’s hoping for good Jake. The only time I got to see him pitch last year, he kinda got knocked around by StL.

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  4. Berselius is too lazy to login

    To-day’s base ball squadron


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