Cubs 3, Marlins 1 (6.5.17)

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OSS: Cubs blast two homers with the wind blowing in to extend winning streak to four games and  get back to a tie for first place.

Three up:

  1. The biggest hit of the game was Kris Bryant's two run homer in the first inning, which plated Zobrist. Zobrist himself just missed hitting one out to lead off the game for the Cubs.
  2. Albert Almora went deep on Straily in the fourth to extend the Cubs lead to three. The Cubs were knocking Straily around all game, and it's kind of surprising that they only came away with three even with the wind blowing in.
  3. Caveats again for the wind, but from the line score and the few innings I caught of the game on the radio it looked like Eddie Butler was having a solid outing. It's not top of the rotation level stuff or anything, but perfectly adequate for a fifth starter. Monty pitched the rest of the way for the long save, which we will probably see more of in non-bed shitting fifth starter outings.

Three down:

  1. Schwarber was the only Cub with a notably bad line, going 0-3 with two strikeouts. The top 14 plays by negative WPA were all by Marlins players, which is always nice to see.
  2. It felt like the Cubs left a lot of runs on the table, but three was enough today.
  3. Some third thing.

Next up: Jeff Locke takes on Jake Arrieta at 7:05 PM CT.

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  1. cerulean

    Some third thing.

    According to the feed, Willson hit a 400-foot homerun that left the bat at 105mph and scored zero.

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  2. cerulean

    Rizzo the Rat:
    Of course, the Cubs’ stolen base leader is… Anthony Rizzo.

    I don’t understand why Joe won’t play him in center. He’s got the wheels. (dying laughing)

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  3. cerulean

    In technerdery—files are coming soon to an iOS device near you. It’s only taken ten years, five years from the death of the founder and four from the ouster of an iOS finder’s biggest detractor, but here it is. About fucking time.

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  4. dmick89


    It will probably be half as good as iFile, which has been around the jailbreak community forever. Apple copies everything else from jailbreakers. I don’t think Apple has had an original idea for iOS since people started jailbreaking their phones.

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  5. SK

    Sam Panayotovich‏Verified account

    #Cubs lineup five years ago today:
    Campana CF
    Castro SS
    DeJesus RF
    Soriano LF
    LaHair 1B
    Clevenger C
    Barney 2B
    Stewart 3B
    Maholm P

    Forgot Maholm pitched for the Cubs

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  6. Edwin

    I failed at Internet today. I got pulled into a debate on Facebook about climate change. Lunch —> forgotten at home. The gods are swift with their punishment.

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  7. cerulean

    Rizzo the Rat:
    Rice in limbo,

    Jay leads off against a lefty?

    Rizzo the Rat:
    And why the hell isn’t Happ playing?

    I bet the lineup has more to do with Jeff Locke than anything else. Guys who have crushed him in a small sample are getting the start.

    Of course that means Locke will throw a no-hitter.

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  8. Rice Cube


    He seems to be relatively split-neutral over his career so I think they’re doing this to 1. give Zobrist a day off (since he can’t really swing from the right side due to wrist) and 2. let both Jay and Albert play to balance some playing time, especially since Jay doesn’t seem to suffer too much vs. LHP.

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  9. cerulean

    Those are some exotically crooked numbers. Welcome back Cubs. It’s been awhile. This time, why don’t you stick around?

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  10. cerulean

    Three down:

    1: Addison Bumble
    2: Addison Bobble
    3: Addison Struggle

    0–fer with both runs being allowed to score on his defense. Tough night. He is not healthy. Something is amiss.

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  11. Rizzo the Rat

    To be fair, I don’t think Russell could have prevented the second run, even had he fielded the ball cleanly. Still, rough night.

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  12. cerulean

    Rizzo the Rat,

    The runner would not have scored on that particular play because he was not going on contact. One out with a runner on third is likely to score, but certainly not guaranteed.

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  13. cerulean

    Big games for Bryant, Rizzo, and Heyward. And I guess Baez drew a walk, so big game for him too. After that travesty of a first inning, Arrieta was a fine vintage.

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